Birding at Nandi Hills – Blue-capped Rock Thrush – Part II

This is the second post in the three part series. The first post can be viewed at the link specified at the end of the post.The is another species quite commonly spotted at Nandi Hills.

Blue-capped Rock Thrush (male), Monticola cinclorhynchus

The winters mainly in Western Ghats and is a summer visitor in the Himalayas. It is 15-17cm in length and feeds mainly on insects. The male has a blue crown or cap and throat with the remaining underpart orange in color, while the female has an olive-brown with barred and whitish underparts which are heavily scaled. They are usually found in moist forests an well wooded areas during the winters and in open dry forests during the summers.

Blue-capped Rock Thrush (female), Monticola cinclorhynchus

Equipment Used:

Nikon D3S / Canon EOS 20D AF-S NIKKOR 600mm f/4G ED VR / CANON EF 600mm F4L IS Gitzo + Wimberley

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Angad Achappa

By profession I am fashion and product photographer, but in my spare time I love photographing wildlife, infact it is wildlife photography that started me off with photography.

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