Feb 262018
Wildlife Road Kills On The Rise in India, Shows Official Data

According to official data released by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change in India, at least 10 tigers and 36 Asian elephants were killed by speeding vehicles or trains in the country during the three year period from 2014. These figures raise serious concerns as the wild population of tigers and elephants in […]

Aug 082017
Matkasur – Dominant Tiger in Tadoba’s core zone

When Matkasur – Tadoba’s dominant Tiger disappeared into the creek, we thought that was the end of the amazing sighting. Our guide pointed out that there was a distinct possibility of him reappearing a little further down the road. This time we positioned our Jeep at the perfect distance and angle from the probable reappearance […]

Mar 082017
Ranthambhore cleanup - birds

As I had limited wifi and time in Ranthambhore, my ‘real-time’ blogposts from there were rather brief. I did photograph a lot, so here is a collation of some photos taken during the 2.5 days of safari there, mainly of common birds. Asian Openbill Grey Francolin – very common Great Thick-knee. Great indeed Plum-headed Parakeets […]

Aug 242016
All-Women 'Army' Protecting Rare Bird in India

On a cloudy day in July, in a remote village in northeastern India, Charu Das excitedly imitates the awkward movements of a stork with her hands. In a few months, the greater adjutant stork—called hargilla, which means “swallower of bones” in Sanskrit—will descend on this hamlet, situated in Assam’s Brahmaputra Valley, to breed in large […]

Jul 202016
POLL: Should the illegal otter trade in India be stopped?

A new TRAFFIC report sheds light on the intensifying illegal trade in Asian otters for their skin as well as the rise in illegal otter pet trade. India is a hotspot of otter poaching, according to a new report by TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network. Of the 167 otter seizures in South and Southeast […]

Apr 142016
Wild Tigers of India - in Battle!

June 2015 – Destination: Ranthambore National Park, India. Well to start, I need to thank all of my guests – over 40 Photo Tour excursions around the world, and so many stories to tell!  Over the next few months I do plan to publish more images, and articles here with Focusing on Wildlife.  It’s been […]

Jan 082016
Video: Text Messages Prevent Deaths by Elephants in India

In India, millions of people live alongside Asian elephants. Generally, they interact peacefully. But sometimes encounters can turn deadly. The stakes are particularly high in the southeastern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Between 1994 and 2013, 41 people there lost their lives in encounters with elephants. But now, new technology is helping prevent such deaths: […]

Apr 202015
The Bandipur Tales

A big hello to my readers, its been long, really long since I posted here. This post is all about a three day stay followed by a one day round in Bandipur and Kabini respectively. I had the privilege of accompanying and guiding Alex who was visiting India purely for wildlife photography. I wont be […]

Oct 102014
David Attenborough backs £1m project to save Bengal tiger

A £1m project to save tigers and stop them eating people is to be launched on Wednesday with the backing of Sir David Attenborough. An entire village in India will be relocated as part of the scheme, which conservationists forecast will create the most densely packed population of tigers in the world. Seven people have […]

Apr 082014
Birding at Nandi Hills – Blue-capped Rock Thrush - Part II

This is the second post in the three part series. The first post can be viewed at the link specified at the end of the post.The Blue-capped Rock Thrush is another species quite commonly spotted at Nandi Hills. The Blue-capped Rock Thrush winters mainly in Western Ghats and is a summer visitor in the Himalayas. […]

Dec 202013
First video footage of 2 EDGE amphibians in the Western Ghats, India!

The Zoological Society of London’s “EDGE (Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered) of Existence programme is the only global conservation initiative to focus specifically on threatened species that represent a significant amount of unique evolutionary history” Mammals, Amphibians and Coral Reefs on a global scale have been prioritized in this manner. Of the Top 100 EDGE […]

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