Birding in Costa Rica – Green-crowned Brilliant (Heliodoxa jacula)

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Most photographers run when they see rain, and I do understand why they are so concerned. Getting thousands of dollars worth of equipment wet is not a good option! I guess it goes without saying, I take a different approach to this opportunity. I actually get very energized. Shooting birds in the pouring rain is a superb chance to create very cool and interesting images.

No doubt, it is a cool deal to photograph any bird. But to capture a nice image and tell an interesting story is what creative photography is all about. Basically the concept is quite simple: always be prepared, and keep shooting. To prepare, make sure you always carry a rain cover that is built to wrap around your camera bag. Next, make sure you have a plastic sleeve to cover your gear while shooting.

Get the sleeve on quickly! Try not to let your camera get wet before you protect it. Last, prepare to get soaked! A dry towel would be a bonus at the end of the shower. Low light shooting requires at lot of skills, and technique, but this small preview with suggestions will help you get started. I hope you find wonderful opportunities to have creative fun in the rain!

The Green-crowned Brilliant (Heliodoxa jacula) is a large robust hummingbird that is a resident breeder in the highlands from Costa Rica to western Ecuador.

Green-crowned Brilliant (Heliodoxa jacula)

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Raymond Barlow

Raymond Barlow

Ray Barlow's passion for capturing birds and wildlife began at the Manila Zoo in 2004. Since then he has established himself as a professional bird and wildlife photographer. Ray is based near to Toronto Canada and hosts photography travel tours and workshops around the world. He goes to places like Yellowstone, Tanzania, Costa Rica, India, and British Columbia. Action photography including animals in chase or birds such as hummingbirds in flight is Ray's specialty. Now being sponsored by Jobu Design gimbal Heads.

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Raymond Barlow

Drying the equipment, and setting it out for the night is the priority!!  Then, transfer the cards, shower and dinner is always in the plans!!  Thanks for the comments!


Yes,get wet and enjoy the natural world. Later at home or in a hotel you can relax with a warm shower.


Should I say, brilliant image.