Dancing Free – Sloth Bear


Sloth bears (Melursus ursinus) are a species of bear found within the Indian Subcontinent. They are mainly nocturnal insectivores, but will readily take to fruits and honey if within reach.

These bears were popular as on the streets of India as they were easilytamable. The cubs were oftencaughtby poachers and traders after killing their mothers. Even thought the Government of India had banned this practice as early as 1972, the dancing bears were still found on the streets. After a seven year long campaign led by Indian and International animal welfare groups and NGOs, the last Dancing Bear was finally released free.


Angad Achappa

A wildlife photographer based out of India.

Vanished - Megascops Choliba by Jose Garcia Allievi

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Angad Achappa

By profession I am fashion and product photographer, but in my spare time I love photographing wildlife, infact it is wildlife photography that started me off with photography.

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