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During the last 2 years a large number of outstanding members’ images have been collected through the “Best Photo of the Week” competitions.

The photos and links to the photographers were not archived in a systematic way, and so up to now have not been easily searchable.


We are now delighted to announce the of launch our newly-designed © Wildfocus Photo Forum, which combines the weekly photo competition, wildlife galleries, members galleries and a wildlife forum all rolled into one, easy-to-use structure.

Please help our ongoing development by leaving a comment with your first impressions whether positive or negative at the bottom of this page.

Navigation couldn’t be simpler – you’ll never get lost!

Image pages packed with useful information

Category pages with thumbnails and overview of other categories

Gallery pages with thumbnails and overview of other galleries

Gallery Pages: Underneath the thumbnails you will find a list of galleries with statistics on the # of photos in each gallery, page loads, comments, space used and date of the last upload.


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