Japan Adds Bears to List of Animals Subject to Subsidized Culling

Japan Adds Bears to List of Animals Subject to Subsidized Culling

In response to a surge in bear attacks across Japan, the government has announced plans to add bears to the list of animals eligible for culling with state subsidies.

However, this decision has sparked controversy, with advocates urging for a more compassionate approach to wildlife management.

The Environment Ministry’s panel of experts has recommended the implementation of clear zoning to delineate bear habitats from human settlements, aiming to maintain a balanced bear population.

While this strategy is crucial for mitigating conflicts, Environment Minister Shintaro Ito’s announcement of subsidies for bear culling has raised concerns among conservationists.

Japan has witnessed a significant increase in bear attacks, with 198 incidents reported in fiscal year 2023 alone, resulting in 219 casualties, including six fatalities.

This alarming trend has prompted calls for action, but Yuko Murotani, chief of the Japan Bear and Forest Society, emphasizes the importance of prioritizing coexistence over culling.

Murotani’s organization collected over 14,000 signatures opposing the government’s culling policy, advocating for solutions that focus on habitat preservation and human-bear separation.

With brown bears inhabiting Hokkaido and Asian black bears found across 33 prefectures, it’s crucial to adopt measures that respect the lives of these animals while ensuring human safety.

This article by Trinity Sparke  was first published by One Green Planet on 18 April 2024. Image Credit : Brad Doerksen/Shutterstock.

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