More Movement on The Strait

More Movement on The Strait

Common Crane ad 7449
Common Crane, adult

Across La Janda the Common Cranes are getting restless and have been flying around in the warm air getting onto thermals that have been rising across the flat landscape. Family groups have been calling noisily as they exercise their flight muscles and prepare for the long flight home. More cranes arrived this week from

Morocco, some even flying in during the night their passage across The Strait assisted by the light of the full moon. Wakening up in the middle of the night and listening to their haunting calls isn’t so bad really…

Embalse de Barbate sky 9183
Back to warm sunshine

Northern Bald Ibis w5657
Northern Bald Ibis

We had the first of the adult

Northern Bald Ibis

visit their small colonial nesting site below Vejer the other day. It won’t be long now until the resident group starts nest building. Good news is that we now have a high-definition observation camera watching the colony and keeping an eye on this special site.

Northern Bald Ibis w5668

Northern Bald Ibis w5681

The adult plumage of the ibis is quite stunning, especially well lit up in the soft morning light, complimented by the colour of the compressed ancient sand dunes that are common in this area.

Northern Bald Ibis w5676

Short toed Eagle 5461
Short-toed Eagle

One or two young Short-toed Eagles arrived back from their winter in Africa this week. The local eagles were also heard calling along the ridges of the Sierra de Retin.

Booted Eagle sd0408j
Booted Eagle

Griffon Vulture 5479
Griffon Vulture

Griffon Vultures are still bringing in bits of twigs and branches to their nest sites. Most of the nest builds are complete and egg laying won’t be long now.

Griffon+Vulture 9960
Griffon Vulture

Penduline Tit 3594
Penduline Tit

Some of the passerine presence around

La Janda and Barbate Marismas

has increased with some species arriving back from Morocco and others that have been here for months departing north. White Wagtails were low in numbers at the weekend when we had quite a lot of rain then high pressure kicked back in bringing more White Wagtails from Morocco. Penduline Tits were absent in one area last week but yesterday a group arrived in La Janda from another area. Birdsong has increased dramatically this week and of course sunshine brings out the best in most species…

Penduline Tit sd3650

I’m off to Fuerteventura on Sunday tour leading. We hope to see some great birds on this very special island in the Canary Island group which are about 80kms off the west coast of Africa.

Stephen Daly

Stephen Daly

Stephen Daly, has been birding since he was eight years old in his native Scotland. After living in Germany and France he established Andalucian Guides the successful birding and wildlife tour company on The Strait of Gibraltar in Spain and has been living here since 2001. Photographing birds in flight is one passion and his photos can be found in many books, magazines and journals. Studying bird behaviour and bird migration are two other positive aspects of being based on one of the busiest migration routes on Earth.

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