Owner of a Big Cat Sanctuary on Trial for Neglect

Owner of a Big Cat Sanctuary on Trial for Neglect

The Cat Survival Trust near Welwyn, Hertfordshire, once promised refuge for exotic big cats like Bengals and snow leopards. However, its owner, Terrance Moore, now faces a trial accused of inflicting unnecessary suffering on these majestic creatures.

In a grim narrative presented at St Albans Crown Court, prosecutors outlined a scene of neglect and disregard for basic animal welfare.

Moore, 77, stands accused of multiple counts of causing suffering to animals under his care, alongside charges of exploiting them for commercial gain without proper permits.

Details emerging from the trial paint a disturbing picture. Dead animals left uncremated in freezers, unsanitary conditions, and inadequate housing highlight a pattern of neglect.

The prosecution alleges that Moore’s disdain for modern veterinary practices or financial motivations led to this distressing state of affairs.

Moreover, the sanctuary’s supposed Conservation mission appears tainted by commercial exploitation.

Moore allegedly offered lucrative opportunities for photographers to get up close with the big cats, charging hefty fees without the necessary permits.

The case reveals the importance of robust oversight in animal sanctuaries and the ethical treatment of wildlife.

Despite efforts to shield these creatures from exploitation, instances like this expose vulnerabilities in regulatory frameworks.

This article by Trinity Sparke was first published by One Green Planet on 27 April 2024. Image Credit :Dave Pusey/Shutterstock.

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