Petition: “Hunting Influencer” Kills Animals and Shows Off Photos and Videos on Social Media

Petition: “Hunting Influencer” Kills Animals and Shows Off Photos and Videos on Social Media

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A French law student is receiving death threats after modeling for a streaming service that specializes in hunting and fishing.

The model claims she is getting death threats after modeling for Zone 300, the streaming service, in addition to sharing “her passion” on social media.

Johanna Clermont, the “hunting influencer” is now getting threatened thanks to the new ubiquity of her social media, as well as ads and posters in promoting the service.

Clermont has also been featured in multiple news outlets, including The Telegraph and the Daily Mail.

activists are criticizing Clermont for hunting and sharing photos of her kills. Anti-hunting activists are vocal in their criticism.

don’t seem pleased with Clermont’s influencer style either. Martine Pion, president of the National Association of Female Hunting (l’Association Nationale de La Chasse au Féminin) told the Telegraph, ” We don’t share the same way of seeing things.

To be a spokesmodel and remain independent seem difficult to me. So the guys find her pretty, fine.

I’m perhaps gullible but our cause is not about looks.”


Clermont has shared posts to her over 300,000 Instagram followers, showing her hunting around the world and showing off her kills and guns. A hunter since she was 16, her image is now used in billboards and ads across Paris to promote the streaming platform. Clermont seems non-plussed with the criticism, “Pissing off people is my second passion,” she says.

Sign this petition to ban trophy hunting!

This article was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 9 September 2020. Lead Image Source : AndreyUG/

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Janis Keaveny


Joyce Dixon Dannheim


Marlene Alves


Paul Seligman

At one end of the hunting debate are those, like most commenters here, who believe that all hunting is evil. This is a strong and consistent moral position if the same people are vegetarians / vegans and never wear leather or otherwise benefit from a dead animal of any type. Though calling for all hunters to be killed does seem to contradict the “respect for all life” position, as well as being incitement of an illegal activity, which someone might just act on. At the other end are the hunters and their backers, though as the article indicates, that is… Read more »

Irene Leggett
Irene Leggett

Perhaps if the wolves hadn’t been eradicated in the first instance, the boars would not have become a problem….all goes back to the hunters, killing anything and everything just for sheer ‘fun, entertainment and sport’ anything to flatter their ego and to prove what big, brave ‘people’ they are.

Robert Piller
Robert Piller

Long may she receive harassments!

Stacey Holliday

Already signed April 25th

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

If you want to hunt build a time machine and go back to the Stone Age heartless losers

Irene Leggett
Irene Leggett

Lets all hope and pray that an animal gets ‘pissed’ off with her and hunts her instead, preferably leaving her putrid carcass to rot in the field. Karma payback will find a way!!!!

Di Sianny Bryant

s and t