POLL: Should the pangolin slaughter in Africa be banned?

POLL: Should the pangolin slaughter in Africa be banned?

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The true scale of the of pangolins in Africa has been revealed by new research showing that millions of the scaly mammals are being hunted and killed.

Pangolins were already known to be the world’s most trafficked wild mammal, with at least a million being traded in the last decade to supply the demand for its meat and scales in Asian markets. Populations of Asian pangolins have been decimated, leaving the creatures highly and sharply shifting the focus of exploitation to Africa’s four species.

A ground . Pangolins are one of the world’’s most , some estimate that over one million of them are killed every year for their scales, meat and blood. Photograph: Adrian Steirn/Barcroft Images

Pangolins are secretive, nocturnal and some species live in trees, making them very hard to count and the total size of the populations in Africa is unknown. But the new analysis, based on data collected by hundreds of local researchers at scores of sites and markets across central and west Africa, found up to 2.7m are being killed every year, with the most conservative estimate being 400,000 a year.

Pangolins curl up into a scaly ball when threatened, which defeats natural predators like lions but is no defence against human hunters. The researchers found half the animals had been snared or trapped, despite wire snares being illegal in most of the 14 central African nations analysed in the research.

The analysis, published in the journal Conservation Letters, also found that almost half of the pangolins killed were juveniles, an indicator that the populations are being dangerously overexploited as animals are being caught before they can reproduce. This is particularly harmful as pangolins are slow breeding and produce only a single pup every year or two.

The new estimates of pangolins killed are likely to be minimum numbers as they included only three of Africa’s four pangolins, the giant, white-bellied and black-bellied species. The fourth, the cape pangolin, lives in southern and eastern Africa, outside the study area.

Furthermore, it is illegal to kill giant pangolins in all the countries, meaning not all the illicit trade in the animals will be included in the estimates. The giant pangolins are particularly sought after and the researchers found the price demanded in urban markets has soared almost six times since the 1990s. They also found hunting of the African pangolins in 2014 was 150% higher than in the 1970s.

Richard Thomas, from the monitoring network Traffic, said very little had been known about pangolin populations in central and west Africa. He also pointed the “remarkable regularity” of major pangolin seizures. In June alone, Malaysian authorities seized three big shipments of pangolin scales, each representing many thousands of animals and originating from Africa.

Malaysian authorities seized almost 400kg of pangolin scales trafficked from Ghana for the second time in three days, an official said on June 16. Photograph: Manan Vatsyayana/AFP/Getty Images

The demand in Asia for pangolin meat and scales as delicacies and supposed medicinal uses is a major factor in cross-border trade but a significant proportion of African pangolins are eaten locally.

Ingram said that measures are also needed to develop alternative livelihoods for African hunters of pangolin, but he believes there is still enough time left to act: “I am optimistic that something can be done.”

This article was first published by The Guardian on 20 Jul 2017.

We invite you to share your opinion whether the pangolin slaughter in Africa should be banned? Please vote and leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

Should the pangolin slaughter in Africa be banned?

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Irene Leggett
Irene Leggett

Once again the country of CHINA features in another senseless,brainless, heinous atrocity…and for what??? To make FAKE, BOGUS medicines that cannot CURE any ailments or diseases. Are these people so in-bred and mindless that they actually believe all the lamentable BS about these medicines, potions, elixirs and soups??? Its time the ‘rest of the world’ took a stand against this gut-wrenchingly, vile, depraved country before CHINA destroys this planet, destroys our only HOME and all that lives on it.


I’m Learning as I watch on amazon videos. Wow. Thank you

Valda Joy Purvis

China and the Asian countries are as usual the main senseless takers of wildlife for their quack pot medical myths and beleifs ,the pangolins scales are like the rhino horn neither have any advantage in any medical potion they make,in their ignorance and lack of common sense,they are decimating the animals.Culture is no excuse for cruelty.

Judy Rees


Lavinia Hall

Murdering any animal is wrong.

Theresa Kemp

Why should the killing of anything actually be up for debate? The answer is obvious, or should be, if you are a sane member of this site.

Michele Jankelow

How tragic that some of the greatest wildlife on earth is under the custodianship of Africa and its opportunistic, brutal and self gratifying people and governments! Sure not all people, but most are! What chance will animals have without the few impassioned people who manage wildlife, wild places and endeavour to help all vulnerable wildlife! Truly heartbreaking!

DeborahMae Broad

No animals should be slaughtered or hunted or killed. stop the killing

Chaille Dee

can we leave nothing alone!

Alison Moanique

yes, ban the slaughter

Dorothy Faye Reynolds

Yes, but what good would it do…?

Suzanna Banjoknee

yes of course

Nooky da Silva

They should ban all animal killing no matter what.

Kathy Carlin

Of course

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

and manunkind will sit,
alone and bereft,
wen his is the last
species left.
tears, copious fall
from his mournful pate.
as he ponder his
too little,
too late!!!

Judith Cavey

YES! Voted and shared.

Anne Grice

A big YES to this heinous slaughter of such quiet aniamls who just want to live peacefully. People have to be the lowest life form to slaughter them to eat them , use their scales for medicine , is beyond belief. In China the pangolin fetus is a delicacy – I feel sick just thinking about this!