POLL: Should the trophy hunting of giraffes be banned?

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A big-game trophy collector from Idaho has been criticised by animal rights activists over online images of herself posed with the carcasses of a and other wildlife she killed during a recent guided hunt in South Africa.

Sabrina Corgatelli, an accountant for Idaho State University, appeared on NBC’s Today show on Monday to defend trophy amid mounting international outrage over the killing in July of Cecil, Zimbabwe’s most famous lion, by an American dentist.

“Everybody thinks we’re cold-hearted killers and it’s not that,” Corgatelli said in the nationally televised interview. “There is a connection to the animal and just because we hunt them doesn’t mean we don’t have a respect for them.

“Giraffes are very dangerous animals. They could hurt you seriously, very quickly.”

Corgatelli first drew attention from a series of photos circulated via her Facebook account that showed her standing with various animals she bagged in South Africa including an impala, a warthog and a wildebeest.

Entire families go on the hunts and appear to relish having their pictures taken with the dead giraffe

“Day 2 I got an amazing old Giraffe. Such an amazing animal!!! I couldn’t be happier,” Corgatelli said in a caption to one image showing the carcass draped around her.

The British comedian Ricky Gervais, who is outspoken on animal cruelty, joined the condemnation with a string of tweets and described Corgatelli as a “new extreme ’untress desperate for publicity”.

Corgatelli’s Facebook photos and commentary received hostile remarks posted by viewers who “liked” her Facebook entries in order to weigh in with denunciations such as: “Shame on you for slaughtering innocent animals.”

Idaho State issued a statement on Monday distancing itself from the controversy, saying it was not a university matter.

The outcry surrounding Corgatelli reverberated as fallout continued over the killing of Cecil the lion, with Zimbabwe’s environment minister calling on Friday for extradition of the Minneapolis dentist Walter Palmer, 55, to face poaching charges.

Palmer has admitted killing the 13-year-old lion, which was fitted with a satellite-tracking collar, but said in a statement that he had hired professional guides and believed the required hunting permits were in order.

Ashley Byrne, a spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said Palmer and Corgatelli had put the spotlight on expensive guided tours overseas in which foreign clients were guaranteed a kill by local outfitters.

“These are self-promoting nobodies who pay a lot of money to travel the world to kill animals, just for thrills and to hang animal parts on their walls,” she said.

This article was first published by The Guardian on 04 Aug 2015.

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Ruby Canterbury

this is disgraceful!

Animals Need Help Too

murdering innocent animals is not cool, it's sick and it's a form of terrorism. all creatures have the right to live their lives…in peace.

Leigh Lofgren

More sick people killing for the sake of people and truly makes me ill seeing these images, especially with children. Is this how you bring up your child? To kill animals for no reason? Please stop this killing and that woman Corgatelli should be shot herself – awful woman

Andy Wildman

“Giraffes are very dangerous animals. They could hurt you seriously, very quickly.” It said as a defence for killing this animal, obviously the answer is to hard ans complicated for this thick woman to understand, I'll explain in simple terms, keep out of the way of animals that may harm you if to close

Robyn Machesney

No more money to these barbaric governments who allow this in the name of feeding their people. These leaders are all billionaires because we give them AID. NO MORE AFRICAN AID MONEY until all wildlife is protected

Shelby Urrelo


Susan Holmes

All trophy hunting should be banned immediately

Bethany Hunt

What makes me furious is when they claim they're helping conservation by paying huge amounts of money to kill. The concept of just giving the money without satisfying their psychopathic need to kill obviously hasn't occurred to them. I'm not a violent person, but I want to punch them when they say "what a beautiful/amazing animal!" with pride after they've killed it. If it's so beautiful, why do you want to destroy it? Like a twisted sort of ownership. Truly sick people.

John Zolis

Want to kill something? Go fight in a war ! Fight ISIS – Show how brave you are when something shoots back

John Zolis

To the 30 people thus far who voted no – hope you get hit by a bus and die you pos's

David Reynolds

All Done By GUTLESS WRONG UNS. Ultimate cowardice

Cheryl Coleman

Giraffe are the most gentle and curious animals, do not run away from humans, so where di this moron get her facts from. A fairy story? Also, this idiot says just because she hunts them does not mean she does not respect them. Tell that to the defenceless animal you murdered moron.

Jillian Taylor

Too bad a giraffe didn't kick and kill her. The evil bitch!

Shelley Sceales-Bellotta

I am so disgusted that I can't find the words

Mike Downs

ALL Trophy hunting needs to be banned world wide. In my opinion hanging the head of a dead animal on a wall is totally barbaric, stupid, senseless, greedy, and come on…this is the 21st century.

Fran Guterl

How does she think these animals should protect themeselves & their families? If she had feelings, I think that she would get a little 'dangerous'too. Put youself in the animals' place, stupid girl…….

Randy Wahl

I can understand hunting deer for food. But what a disgrace to hunt these large beautiful creatures. It is disgusting and so is the person who shot it! As I look at each picture I always see one common thing. Seems to be a white, successful person who is doing the shooting. Can't they come up with a better way to use their money instead of killing? This proves that money is not always made by people with brains! Oh, and who really owns this animal? Just because it is on your land you have a right to kill it?… Read more »

Adi Le Roux

Has a Giraffe ever attacked this Psychopath in her home, has the giraffe threatened his family or children, I think not…… so why are these gentle creatures dangerous.????? This woman is using her life experiences, to murder innocent creatures in their own domain, she has not learnt emphathy, she is a dangerous and vicious animal herself who is teaching her children and family that killing innocent creatures is OK. Her gene pool should be destroyed

Ken Billington

Trophy hunting of any kind is an abomination!

Kaori Xi

Psychopaths like hunters should do us all a favour and hunt each other, that would be much more useful to the ecosystem and would be putting something back into society.

Renee Calpin

Animals are not trophies they are living breathing thinking emotional sentient beings that deserve the life they were given I believe all hunting should be banned

Shrodinger's Cat

Simon Tucker Where I live, as in much of the eastern US, the virginia deer population often exceeds the carrying capacity of the land. This is because all its natural preditors have been eliminated. Hunting helps control the population and protect the environment from over browsing. An integrel part of deer hunting is being sure the target animal is fully utlilzed Even so, I have watched the variety of native plants decline and seen erosion where the deer cross our creek. Where hunting has been eliminated the deer suffer from starvation and disease as well as a degraded environment. Hunters… Read more »

Shrodinger's Cat

Next week they're going to take on the vicious dairy cow.

Tommi Tart

So…….they are very dangerous animals, huh? Well STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

Jean Gillette

All the nations of the world should be helping the Africian people with ways to sustain life not through the land owners, but by finding water to drink and give them the tools to grow their own food. Then you would see the people appreciate the animals they are destroying for the fee to hunt. My opinion when you cage an animal and shoot it with a rifle or bow that does all the work it is hunting it is murder. Karma will come back to all of them in the next life.

Caroline Burton

I can't believe this question even needs to be asked~! All hunting for fun should be banned – do we really want such psychopaths amongst us?

Elvira Pipinias

hunt the hunters and see how they like them apples

Hilary Ann Broughton

Why hunt them/ they do no harm and if they hurt you, you are TOO CLOSE. They are wilde animals. Please leave them alone.

Yvonne Egan

Stupid cruel woman! Find a hobby that doesn't involve taking the life of a innocent animals. Dangerous!!! The only dangerous thing is you and your like! What an excuse to kill a giraffe :(((

Dorothy Nolan


Renee Calpin

Hunting is COWARDLY

Renee Calpin

Yes you are trophy hunters are the same as SERIAL KILLERS

Renee Calpin


Mahdi Torkhani

i think, together we must strugle to stop all that

Marlene King

horrible this have to stop for ever

Joshua Cox

Exactly! They're only doing what comes naturally to them to protect their own lives! They know better than to stand still while someone slaughters them, their herd, and everything around them, they aren't as dumb as we humans often mistake them for.

They have their self-preservation skills to fall back on.

Govinda-Terryl Todd

You have no right to invade their home and then kill them. This is a debt you now justly owe and will have to pay. You poor stupid fool.

Bobby Balfour

This woman says giraffes are dangerous – they can hurt you! WELL STAY OUT OF THEIR SPACE THEN!

Daphne Watson

The killing of any animal for pleasure should be banned worldwide.

Susan Lee

It is long PAST the time we should CEASE promoting deliberate murderanimals does NOT in ANY way "conserve" them

Jerry Curtis

Debra Scott Doll
This poll is about TROPHY hunting – not whether we should eat meat or not. I totally respect a vegan's (or vegetarian's) choice to not eat meat, but your arguments are out of place in this particular poll.

Jerry Curtis

Simon Tucker OK… First of all, I don't hunt – never have and have ZERO interest in ever taking it up. But… there ARE buts: 1. Wild animals have much better lives than domestic animals raised in factory farms, where many of the animals never see the light of day and their daily movements are restricted to a cage barely larger than their bodies, and are subjected to abuse and being plied with antobiotics and hormones all of their short lives. Given a choice, I'd rather be that wild animal – even if I got shot for food eventually, and… Read more »

Debra Scott Doll

I stand by my comment. I do not believe we have the right to take a life. Animals are not food. This is 2015. We don't need to eat dead animals.

Muriel Weich

Distinct cases of more money than Brain.!!!!!
What a pity you have to kill an innocent animal to get your photo posted…try doing something worthwhile to get praise!!!

Simon Tucker

Jerry Curtis Hunting legally for food is an hypocritical cop out: we have all the domestic animals we need to satisfy the carnivorous part of our diet. Hunting of wildlife is wrong: no ifs, buts or maybes.

Robin Merrifield

This is ridiculous.These arguments are as lame as those we gave for not doing our homework – pure rubbish reasoning. Trophy hunting is now something that our uninformed grandparents did – and I am in my 70s! Good grief, have we learnt nothing – indiscriminate killing of any animal is demented (thinking)!

Linda French

No trophy hunting on any animal should not be allowed. Hunter's who obviously have mental issues, something happened during their up bringing and child hood to want to kill a animals for a trophy! This show no apathy no compassion for a living being! They will always make up a excuse to justify their need to kill! NO trophy hunting period!!!!

Jerry Curtis

Debra Scott Doll
What a strange comment! You might want to re-read my comment. I'm saying her comment is BS, and I'm totally agreeing with you, when it comes to trophy hunting. Hunting legally for food is another matter…

Debra Scott Doll

I agree. This is 2015 nOT the stone age. Hunters love the thrill of killing and call killing a sport. If someone were to hunt and kill people that loved it would be called murder. Hunter kill = murder. They are were born with no empathy or compassion it appears.

Debra Scott Doll

All I can add to your comment is you are full of BS. If someone hunts/kills someone you love and says they respected them….is that ok? Hunters love to kill. That alone is not normal, moral or a sign of good mental health. What went wrong in your life that made you lose compassion for living creatures? Hunters are the lowest form of life.