Nov 032017
Bearded Reedlings (Panurus biarmicus)

Nice and sunny with no fog today so I thought I’d try for the hairy titties again. I found them and at times had them close, sometimes also with sun light on them and also close enough to use the flash but am I happy with any of the pics? Don’t think so. Behavior wise […]

Oct 172017
Pennington Marsh - 5th October

It was a beautiful October day and after dropping Tobias at school I was going to spent the day at Pennington Marsh until it was time to pick him up at 15:30. After a coffee at the corner of Lower Pennington Lane I walked along the fun length of the Ancient Highway. It took me […]

Sep 242017
Pennington Marsh and Woodchat Shrike at Chipping Sodbury

Another beautiful sunny morning at Pennington Marsh and I decided to walk my normal circuit in reverse, first out past Fishtail and to Keyhaven and back past Butts and Jetty Lagoon and finally past Pennington Lagoon and Shoveler Pools. I had much of the morning to spare after dropping Tobias off so my birding was […]

Jul 202017
Mongolia - 19th May (Day 12) - Sangiin Dalai Lake, and Hustai National Park (Part 2)

Arriving at Bayan Nuur from Sangiin Dalai Lake it was immediately apparent that this lake was teaming with birdlife even though it was blowing a gale. Almost the first birds we picked up were a pair of stunning White-naped Crane on the far hillside with another pair closer in the reeds, we saw nine in […]

Apr 212017
Pennington Marsh - 7th April

This first half of April has been fantastic, like mid-summer come early, after an early morning breeding bird survey where the highlights were a couple of Song Thrush and a Willow Warbler I spent a couple of hours at Pennington Marsh. Spring really is here and there wereBlackcap singing from the scrub, fair numbers of […]

Oct 022014
Bearded tit

Panurus biarmicus Although widely distributed, it is an elusive bird not easy to see and after which so many photographers are after! I was lucky to get these shot in Spanish Catalonia. The male has magnificent black mustaches going down from the eyebrows to the throat:     Original post HERE

Apr 092014
Black Forest Birds – Long-tailed Tit

The Long-tailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus) is a bit different to other true tits, a bit like the Bearded Tit or Bearded Reedling as it’s now officially called. These tiny birds can be seen from Portugal to Siberia in a variety of forms. I’ve often looked and listened for the bird in North Africa but as […]

Oct 252012
Bearded Reedling, Cley Marshes NWT, Panurus biarmicus. North Norfolk, UK

The target species for my trip to north Norfolk was the bearded reedling or bearded tit as it is commonly known. This stunning little bird, a specialty of the north Norfolk marshes,  lives in the extensive reed-beds along the coastal areas. They can be a little tricky to get pictures of as they live in […]