Sep 122017
Prince Edward Island Birding Taster

Most people know Prince Edward Island (PEI) for Anne of Green Gables, red soil and potatoes. I can confirm that all of these things exist on the island (especially the potatoes, they are everywhere!), but it was the Prince Edward Island birding that really excited me. In August there are shorebirds galore, mixed warbler flocks, […]

Aug 302016
Balearics at Dungeness and a Bonaparte's at Oare

Birding has been very limited of late save a quick trip to Fairlop in the the week to catch the local Hoopoe so today we decided on a trip to Dunge for a spot of early morning sea watching. Arriving at 6.30am we were rewarded for a two hour stint with several Arctic Skua, three […]

Jul 302016
Bonaparte's Gull at Oare Marsh AGAIN!

Work took me to Kent today so a quick trip to Oare Marsh was on the cards.I arrived at lunch time and Napoleon was sitting pretty just by the bridge on East flood a few yards from the road. He was in the company of hundreds of Black headed gulls and Black-tailed Godwits but was […]

Jan 152014
Forster’s Tern at Overlook Park

This morning I dropped by Overlook Park. It’s aptly named, since that’s pretty much all you can do there. It’s basically a fishing pier, a parking area, and a few trees, but on either side of the park there are a couple inlets. During the winter months, you can often see Bonaparte’s Gulls and Forster’s […]

Mar 022013
Overlook Park, 2/21/2013

Yesterday morning I drove up to Overlook Park. It’s about 15 minutes from my house, and I check it out regularly to see what ducks may be out on Lake Jesup. It’s a very small park, so I never expect to find much, but yesterday morning was very enjoyable. A Great Blue Heron was begging […]

Feb 112013
Photography and Birding Hotspots in Seminole County, FL

When I first moved to Central Florida, the first places I visited for nature and bird photography were in Brevard and Orange Counties. I didn’t know of any good places to visit in Seminole County where I live. Every new place I found was in another county. But last year I began discovering my home. […]

Jan 142013
Bonaparte’s Gull

There are several Bonaparte’s Gulls that have been hanging around the rte 417 bridge over Lake Jesup. This morning I drove by there on my way into work, and three of them were hanging around Overlook Park. A couple of them were flying circles around pier where I was standing. One in particular was very […]

Jan 092013
2012: A Year in Review

Well, I must say it’s been a pretty good year. I made my goal for the year, and then some. I wanted to see 250 birds in the State of Florida, and I found 259, and I also found 272 total this year (including visits to TX, MD and VA). I also have discovered the […]