Jan 102018
Christmas Geese

For my last post of 2017 it is more of the same!! Pink footed geese have definitely been on my menu this Christmas.Each time I have been out this holiday period I have come across some large flocks of pink footed geese. They were all in the Pilling area and I suspect that it is […]

Dec 132017
Super Whoopers

At the end of last month I visited the Pilling and Cockerham area of Lancashire. This area is visited in the winter months by large flocks of pink footed geese and whooper swans. There are rich pickings to be had in the fields with left over remains of potato and other vegetable crops. This winter […]

Mar 022017
Kaziranga explosion

I have a lot of catching up to do, after several wifi-less days in Kaziranga NP, Assam. Our first day in the reserve was incredible. The weather was good, the birds were active and we just saw so many birds. Our guide, Rofikul, did a great job and our daily score was over 170 species! […]

Jan 312017
At least 3,000 geese killed by toxic water from Montana copper mine

At least 3,000 geese were killed by a toxic stew formed by a former copper mine in Butte, Montana, last fall, raising questions about how the new Trump administration will handle the largest Superfund site in the country. In November, a large flock of geese making a late migration over Montana was blown off course […]

Aug 092016
POLL: Should geese who ravage crops be culled?

MORE than 700 greylag geese are to be shot in the Outer Hebrides and turned into burgers in a bid to stop the birds ravaging crofters’ crops. The three-year pilot project to manage the goose population of Lewis and Harris – approved by Scottish Natural Heritage – is activated today. The trial aims to reduce […]

May 092013
First Prize – Outdoor Photographer Photo Contest

I am pleased to report that my photo BLAST OFF! was awarded First Prize in the Outdoor Photographer Magazine’s 4th annual Great Outdoors photo contest. The image captured a sunrise blast off of a huge flock of snow geese at Bosque del Apache in New Mexico. Technical details: Tripod mounted Canon 7D with Canon EF […]

Feb 172013
A few bits and pieces from the UAE Part I

Not had much to report recently, travels have been limited and I have also been suffering with some niggly back problems. So here is a small blog showing some of the images I have taken over the last few weeks in the UAE. Dubai Internet City not only being mine and many other people’s work […]

Jan 182013
Leucistic Mallard - Anas platyrhychos

At one of the locations that I photograph at, there mute swans and mallards present along with other species of ducks and geese. I discovered what appears to be a partially leucistic mallard on the pond. What what became interesting, is that the mute swans started chasing this mallard, although they do not chase any […]

Nov 142012
Wildlife Slaughter in South Dakota

Imagine my amazement this morning to see a Google advertisement inviting me to hunt wildlife in South Dakota – and I live in Switzerland! It seems that South Dakota is being promoted as the ideal tourist destination for wildlife hunting. So I clicked on the advertisement and within a few minutes realized that wildlife hunting […]

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