Jan 072018
Kingfishers of Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is a birding heaven given its fair share of swamps, streams and other water bodies. And we also realized that it is one of the best places in Kenya to photograph Kingfishers especially the most beautiful of them all, the Malachite Kingfisher. We spotted the Malachite Kingfisher at a couple of locations […]

May 202017
African birds at the bottom of the Raydah Escarpment - Abha

Whilst birding the lower areas of the Raydah Escarpment in late March I saw a number of African species. Birds seen included African Grey Hornbill, Violet-backed Starling, Black-crowned Tchagra, Bruce’s Green Pigeon and White-browed Coucal. Bruce’s Green Pigeon is an interesting species as it only eats the fruit of a single type of fig tree. […]

Sep 142016
African Olive Pigeon - Raydah Escarpment

Whilst birdwatching in the Raydah Escarpment recently Phil Roberts and I saw two African Olive Pigeons. This was a species we had been looking for but had failed to see on many previous trips to the southwest of the Kingdom. It was only discovered as a new species for Saudi Arabia in the mid 1980’s […]

Oct 152015
Tour of the east side

As well as visiting local farms on Friday, I toured some sites east of the city starting at Ayn Hamran. The stop at Ayn Hamran was relatively short but it is never uninteresting. Though there were no wintering birds seen yet apart from a couple of common sandpiper and a grey wagtail. It’s always a […]

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