Feb 262016
Daily Dose of PIKA

Ohhh. I guess I may have scared some people off with my last few rants about Malheur and grazing, huh? Guess that’s what happens when you give a damn. “Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul” my friends. Passion, it’s healthy. Truth and justice, I like it. (Below: the tiniest pika I’ve seen […]

Nov 032015
I said I would and I did.

I promised you pikas years ago. Maybe it was months ago, it’s all running together now. But, alas, here they are. Behold the Pika Cute, Cute Pika. If you don’t think they are one of the most adorable goofballs you have ever seen, please exit my page and my life right now. These guys make […]

Jun 112015
Red in Tooth and Claw

They’re pretty cute right? American badgers? Lookit those cute little dirty faces. So innocent, so sweet. Or not. The first time I saw the male, he was running along with a rabbit he had just killed. Well yeah, nature. Gotta eat, gotta feed those baby badgers. Watched him head to his burrow and then got […]

Jun 062015
So plague-y, but so cute.

Lookit this little yellow-bellied marmot friend. Lookit! So what if he might carry the plague, he’s freaking adorable. I’ve seen a few around here, but this is the smallest one I’ve ever seen (also, the least mangy). Update kinda: I’m down in SE ID at the moment following sage-grouse and trying to learn all the […]

May 142015
Sage Grouse Strut

Finally had a chance to see a greater-sage grouse lek (and a sharp-tailed lek, too!) last week. It’s nearing the end of lekking season, but there were still about 45 males (and a few females showed up) strutting their stuff. The first day I went out there were 40 mph winds and I couldn’t even […]

Apr 232015
Daily Dose of Moose

Hey lookit this guy! This is from a couple months ago when we attempted to go birding at Turnbull NWR in Eastern Washington. I think we saw a painfully disappointing 8 species, which was pretty ridiculous. However, this moose friend was a huge bonus, especially since I haven’t seen these guys since 2007 or 2008. […]

Feb 182015
Here, there, and everywhere.

Whoa. Hey there, strangers. Two months was the last time I updated this – unacceptable! But not my fault, I promise! I haven’t been on an actual computer until a few days ago and things have been a little chaotic. I spent most of December in New Mexico with family (yay!) and then all the […]

Nov 282014
Daily Dose of Cute

Hey hey! A long-tailed weasel! I saw this little friend while hanging out in PikaLand. My patience level can be pretty limited sometimes, but not when it comes to pikas, so I was rewarded by them and this long-tailed weasel, who was really curious about what I was, who I was, and what the hell […]

Oct 222014
We've got a Whooper

Hey lookit! It’s a whooping crane! This was a pleasant surprise, definitely wasn’t expecting to come across any whooping cranes any time soon. She (yes she – her name is Latka and she was hatched on June 13, 2013) was hanging out with a pretty big sandhill flock (about 8oish). She was banded and luckily, […]

Aug 062014
Daily Dose of Cute

I went backpacking in the Ruby Mountains the last 5 days and had some much needed quality time with PIKAS! I don’t get to see them often enough so I was ridiculously excited to find a quite a few of them. They aren’t really easy to find, see (but easy to hear with their adorable […]