Mar 162017
Curlews in crisis?

To the layman, the curlews are a shy, unassuming family of birds. Their mottled-brown plumage makes for effective camouflage against their marshland and mudflat feeding grounds, meaning they can go about their business unnoticed, prying out invertebrates such as ragworms with their purpose-built curved bills. But if, like the curlews, you take time to dig […]

Sep 032016
Migrating Upland Sandpiper At EAA

A second late summer visit to the Everglades Agricultural Area was rewarding for a handful of species photographed this week. An early departure from Fort Myers with Bird Patrol volunteer Tom Obrock allowed a near sunrise arrival at the sod fields on Hatton Road just south of FL SR 80 that had been noted to […]

Apr 212016
Bunche Beach Preserve:  Sunrise West End

Recent days, weeks, and months have offered great birding possibilities at Bunche Beach Preserve in South Fort Myers.           The Reddish Egret with prey above (image 1) was photographed at Bunche Beach Preserve in April 2016. An early April visit to Bunche followed my January visit when an American Flamingo was […]

Sep 242014
North America's key birds facing extinction, study finds

For the second time in as many days, a new report highlights trouble for American birds. While a study by the National Audubon Society points out threats from future climate change, a new multi-agency report says that many U.S. birds are already in decline. The current state of birds in the U.S. is a mixed […]

Sep 072014
Poll: Vote for Your Favorite Species to Help Celebrate World Shorebird Day! (Photos)

This Saturday marks the first World Shorebird Day, a day to celebrate these beautiful birds and raise awareness for their conservation. Shorebirds nest and migrate along beaches and grasslands, and are known to have some of the most impressive migrations in the animal kingdom. They’re an incredibly diverse group of birds, consisting of plovers, oystercatchers, […]

Jun 022014
 Western Wind-Dancer: Chestnut-collared Longspur

Longspurs are named for the long claw on the bird’s hind toe. The Chestnut-collared Longspur is an iconic species of shortgrass prairie, once nesting at sites grazed by bison or disturbed by fire. Today, with most native habitat gone, it is often found in pastures and airstrips. Declining migrants like this one need habitat on […]

Aug 172013
 Five Bird Species Your Grandchildren May Never See

Scientists who have spent decades trying to reverse the broad decline of migratory birds in the Americas will converge by the hundreds later this month in Snowbird, Utah, to seek solutions to the threats migratory birds are facing at northern breeding grounds, southern wintering grounds, and numerous migration stopovers. The pivotal August 25–28 meeting of […]

Feb 182013
Joe Overstreet and E. Lake Toho, 2/9/2013

It’s always fun when you get two lifers in two days. Yesterday a Lincoln’s Sparrowand this morning a Long-billed Curlew. I drove down to the Joe Overstreet Landing and had a great time there. The Curlew was very cooperative and easily found. It was hanging out with numerous Wilson’s Snipe. Then I found a Crested […]

Feb 132013
Birds of Delevan National Wildlife Refuge

According to the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex website, Delevan National Wildlife Refuge comprises 5,797 acres, including seasonal marsh, permanent ponds, and uplands. It is predominately a hunting refuge for waterfowl and pheasant. Wildlife observation takes place from the county roads, on the perimeter of the refuge. There is one notable exception to this, the […]