Dec 102017
Winter visitors – Jubail

Whilst birding Jubail recently I have come across a number of winter visitors to the region. Common Kestrel is an uncommon passage migrant but numbers build up in the winter months when they can be seen in various locations. Isabelline Wheatear numbers also increase as winter wears on and they can be seen along the […]

Nov 192017
Female Montagu’s Harrier – Haradh

Whilst birding the NADAC Farm area of Haradh 20 October I saw plenty of Harriers including at minimum of two Montagu’s Harriers over the pivot irrigation fields. Male Montagu’s Harriers are easily identified by their upperwing pattern amongst other details but Juvenile and female Montagu’s and Pallid Harriers are difficult to identify with certainty at […]

Jun 112016
It's a Great Hobby

Pun fully intended! A drive down to Dunge this morning at stupid o’clock gave Jim and I the chance to dip the “red male” Rosefinch reported yesterday but as the handful of readers of this blog will know, Dunge always delivers! A splendid Hobby sat up on a shed at the road side and allowed […]

Oct 162015
Juvenile Montagu’s Harrier – Ash Shargiyah Development Company Farm

Whilst birding Ash Shargiyah Development Company Farm on 11 September 2015 I saw a juvenile harrier over one of the fields. Luckily the bird flew closer and eventually flew right overhead allowing some good photographs to be taken. Juvenile Montagu’s and Pallid Harriers are difficult to identify with certainty at times and good views are […]

Oct 052015
Dowkah delivers again

My Eid trip lasted from Tuesday afternoon until Saturday evening. It involved 3500 kilometres of travel and took me to several birding locations. This and the next four blogs will chronicle the results.I headed north out of Salalah on Tuesday and reached one of my favourite birding locations, Dowkah desert farm, with time to bird […]

May 132015
Highlights from this year's Spring Tour on The Strait of Gibraltar - April 2015

Here’s a quick photo summary of some of the birds we watched down in Andalucia on one of my spring birdwatching tours. Each spring we offer such small tour group holidays to go out in the field and see what bird species are arriving from Africa. The close proximity of the two continents makes this […]

Oct 142014
Melanistic Montagu's Harrier and other Raptors

Here are some of the raptor photos we managed to see with my Swiss group from Arcatour last week. The wind direction swung around to give us moderate to strong Levante (easterlies) for five days and only died down on our last two days. Still, knowing what the migrating raptors do and where they will […]

Apr 272014
Malta - Massacre on Migration (Episode 7)

Chris Packham takes a trip to the island of Camino, Malta to see the conservation work done by the BirdLife Malta Ringing Station. Birds just ringed and ready for release include Golden Oriole, Hoopoe and Nightjar. Chris sadly recalls that during the week his hands have been covered in the blood of illegally shot birds […]

Apr 252014
Malta – Massacre on Migration (Episode 4)

Chris Packham and the BirdLife Malta Team were busy yesterday delivering illegally shot birds from all over Malta to a veterinary practice for examination and treatment. The videoclip covers a non-migrating Kestrel, a locally-breeding Shearwater and a migrating Montagu’s Harrier. The Harrier had bird shot lodged in the wing and body and with little chance […]

Apr 232014
Malta – Massacre on Migration (Episode 2)

The second episode of Chris Packham’s documentary “Malta – Massacre on Migration” opens on the cliffs at dawn. Apparently there are 384 bird species to be found on Malta. The videoclip includes stunning shots of Montagu’s Harriers circling on the outskirts of Gozo preparing to roost for the night, reports of “lamping” taking place using […]

Oct 192013
Migrating Raptors on The Strait of Gibraltar

It’s been a busy six weeks with almost non-stop birding here on The Strait and across Europe. I thought I’d quickly post some of the raptor shots I have managed to edit so far on the blog to show at least some of the autumn delights… Black-winged Kites (old name is Black shouldered Kite) have […]

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