May 142014
Can Mull be a NNR whilst culling pine martens?

Hot topics Currently there are a few stories hitting the news across Mull; the possibility of Mull becoming a national nature reserve and the issue of the pine marten (Martes martes) breeding on the isle. It is safe to say I have some strong opinions on both of these hot topics. Here on the isle […]

Apr 132014
“The Eagle’s Way” – Book Review

Last season I read “The Last Wolf” by Jim Crumley and spent a little time afterwards reviewing it. His most recent publication came out this year and is very apt for my new position at Mull Eagle Watch on the Isle of Mull. “The Eagle’s Way” is a book focusing on the two eagle species […]

Mar 022014
NON-PROFIT expedition workshop to see polar bears in Svalbard, 2014

Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime voyage in the High Arctic to experience polar bears in their environment, while learning about their biology, their current and future status, the threats against them, and what you can do to help protect them. While we will provide and ensure the full experience that a regular small-ship expedition cruise […]

Aug 282013
Adventures of a Nature Photographer: The Ocelot

What is the work of a nature photographer really like? Adventures, beautiful landscapes, expeditions and wild animals? Have you ever wondered how all these breathtaking pictures are made? I, for sure, did. This is why I created “Adventures of a Nature Photographer”. I want to share my experiences with you. Come with me on expedition […]

Aug 042013
"Weaners" get a second chance!

The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California plays a critical role in the survival of many marine mammals along the northern and central California coast. Founded in 1975 on a former Nike Missile site in the Marin Headlands, it took in its first seven patients. Much has changed since then and the Center is now […]

Jul 102013
Free-tailed funnel cloud (reprint from June 2011)

When Doppler radar first arrived in the area known affectionately to Texans as the Hill Country, the local television station meteorologists were understandably eager to show off the weather forecasting capabilities of their newest toy. Unfortunately, they got off to a less than impressive start. Night after night that summer, evening thunderstorms were forecast but […]

Jun 132013
Meow mix-up

Because the semester was winding down, I wasn’t all that surprised to hear a soft, kittenish mewing coming from the small wedge of remnant wooded habitat between my apartment parking lot and the highway. I used to live in a complex near the Virginia Tech campus and, sadly, it’s common for a new crop of […]

May 102013

There’s been a marked decline in the number of sunspots over the past decade or so. That’s what NASA scientists say, and I have no reason to doubt their research findings. Luckily, I haven’t observed any reduction in the terrestrial version of this phenomenon. Hardly a day has passed lately when I’ve not been blinded […]

May 092013
The Last Wolf - A Review

I read a lot, both fictional and non-fictional books and have done since I was very young. I enjoy it and at the same time I learn, expanding my mind and my knowledge. So, why I ask myself, have I never written about books? I have never reviewed a book on paper, not counting middle […]

Apr 272013
Costa Rica Update

My second tour complete, so naturally, lots of editing waiting on the hard drives. Both of the 2013 tours were very successful, wonderful guests, amazing nature to see and photograph. This most recent trip was exceptional as we were able to stand in a farmers field and watch Quetzals with their nest. A tree line […]

Jan 032013
Les moineaux

Le Moineau domestique (Passer domesticus) est une espèce de petits passereaux de la famille des Passeridae. Il se nourrit majoritairement de céréales et d’autres graines, mais sait s’adapter et tirer profit d’autres opportunités, consommant divers invertébrés, les insectes en premier lieu, qui servent par ailleurs d’alimentation de base aux oisillons. Le plumage du Moineau domestique […]