Connecting with Nature: Gardens, Arboretums, and Green Spaces in Ottawa

Connecting with Nature: Gardens, Arboretums, and Green Spaces in Ottawa

When you feel exhausted from your urban life and routine, it is time to try nature therapy! Not only does it reduce stress, but it also allows us to fight against anxiety and depression, which are common and well-spread nowadays. Where can we try nature therapy in Ottawa? Are there any gardens, parks, reserves, or arboretums? Scroll down to find an answer!

Carleton Greenhouses

Our list starts with magnificent Carleton Greenhouses – a true pride of Ottawa and Carleton University. The institution bears the title of UNESCO Heritage Site and is open to the public for observation, while students can study and do research here. The collection is large: the number of species exceeds 300, while the number of plants in greenhouses reaches up to 1,000 in quantity. What is more interesting is that the facilities here can simulate a tropical environment, and one room can maintain desert conditions. Do not miss your chance and come to explore this wonderful floral world!

Britannia Conservation Area

One of the best conservation areas welcomes everyone who wants to observe the wildlife while gazing upon the Ottawa River. Nearly 79 hectares of land are available to explore, providing easily accessible trails with numerous branches. Nature here is rich in animal species (birds specifically), so there is a chance that you can meet:

  • Foxes;
  • Frogs;
  • Raccoons;
  • Turtles;
  • Wood ducks.

The activities in this area include photographing birds and riding a bicycle because the routes suit that. Upon arrival, you will find a parking lot on Cassels Street and some washrooms on-site.

Major’s Hill Park

Meet the first and the oldest park in Ottawa, which has existed since 1875 and is still well-maintained! Over 5 hectares of land are waiting for you to showcase a rich tree and flower specimen collection and offer a perfect lookout over Rideau Canal and Parliament Hill. Expect:

  • Washrooms from May to October;
  • Places to sit in the sun and under the tree shadow;
  • Lots of picnic zones;
  • Free and paid parking;
  • Numerous monuments.

Explore Major’s Hill Park green spaces galore 24/7 and for free. In case you wish to visit straight after arrival at the YOW Airport, you can take a taxi or book low-cost rental cars to spend only 30 minutes on the road.

Dominion Arboretum

Enter a flourishing paradise at the 64 acres of open space area in Ottawa, where you can explore the richness of tree diversity. Dominion Arboretum resides in the most northern part of North America, but the microclimate here suits more than 1600 specimens, including:

  • Crab Apple;
  • Weeping Willow;
  • Magnolia;
  • Prince of Wales;
  • Bebb’s Oak.

Gather a refreshing family or friend gathering with a small van for rent, and come here to enjoy the arboretum’s nature. On-site amenities include parking and washrooms, and the area is partially suitable for wheelchairs too. Admission is free!

Maplelawn Historic Garden

Back in the 19th century, there were plenty of gorgeous houses in Ottawa, but only a limited number had walled gardens. Nowadays, the chance of finding one is scant, but it is still possible with the MapleLawn Historic Garden. It serves as a preservation area for European architecture and landscape concepts, which you can explore and enjoy the view. There are more than 120 species of plants in the garden, including:

  • Adam’s Needle;
  • Cranesbill;
  • Blue Flax;
  • Mountain Lily;
  • Painted Daisy.

Visit to experience Maplelawn Garden delights every day from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. If you drive your own car or book an Ottawa van rental, the road from YOW Airport and Carleton University will take 30 and 15 minutes, respectively.

Dive in!

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