Jan 182018
Victory! New Jersey Just Became the First State to Ban All Wild Animals in Circuses

Animal advocates are celebrating an epic win with the passage of Nosey’s Law in New Jersey, which makes it the first state in the U.S. to ban all wild animals in traveling circuses. The law was appropriately named after Nosey, an elephant who had suffered decades of abuse at the hands of her owner, Hugo […]

Jul 242017
Saving the Wild Parrots of New Jersey and How You Can Help

Alison Evans-Fragale was dumbfounded when she got a call from Lonely Grey Rescue bird sanctuary to say that PSE&G had dropped off 27 baby parrots who had been living in nests removed from utility poles in Englewood, NJ. Six of the babies were dead. For the past decade Evans-Fragale, a nurse practitioner and founder of […]

Dec 282015
POLL: Should bear hunting in New Jersey be banned?

Louis Webber has shot a black bear. He proudly poses with the animal as it is weighed, the butt of his shotgun wedged in his armpit. The tableau is punctured by the shouts of a handful of people who are holding placards. “You’re a piece of shit,” a man yells at Webber. “You’re garbage. A […]

Turtle Day

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Jun 022015
Turtle Day

A turtle haiku from Kobayashi Issa, 1825 – “short summer night – in the field turtles cavort”. May 23rd was World Turtle Day, a day for celebrating turtles and tortoises. To raise awareness of them and to help protect their disappearing habitats, I am reposting photos from all the blogs I’ve written about turtles. This […]

Dec 152013
Hooded Mergansers

Birdwatchers call them “hoodies.” I saw this pair and lots more of them at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, New Jersey, on the day after Thanksgiving. The little ducks are about 20 inches long, have a wingspan of about two feet, and weigh between one and two pounds. They are found […]

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