Nov 282017
Gull-billed Terns at Orlando Wetlands Park, 11/24/2017

I decided to wander around Orlando Wetlands Park this morning and found a wonderful surprise. Two Gull-billed Terns were parked together right next to the main trail. I’ve never been happy with my photos of this species before, and I think today’s photographs were my favorite. Ducks are increasing in numbers with every visit. This […]

Apr 202015
The Bandipur Tales

A big hello to my readers, its been long, really long since I posted here. This post is all about a three day stay followed by a one day round in Bandipur and Kabini respectively. I had the privilege of accompanying and guiding Alex who was visiting India purely for wildlife photography. I wont be […]

Jan 272015
Desert Ducks

There are some new man-made lakes that have recently been created to the South East of Dubai. They are still a way from becoming established sites and for some reason the authorities have introduced feral species from around the world leading to strange sights of birds that would normally never co-exist ! It has already […]

Dec 022014

Lately I’ve been considering why it is I find birding so continuously fascinating, and even addicting. Of course there’s the beauty of the birds, the thrill of finding them (especially rarities), and the challenge of learning to identify them. I also have great interest in learning about their behavior–why they act the way they do. […]

Dec 202013
Summer Birds, Winter Birds

Some birds fly south away from us in winter. Others fly south to us. Osprey leave the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey, where the above picture was taken, in early September. They spend the winter along the coasts of Central America and southern North America, and throughout much of South America. Northern pintail […]

Mar 182013
Pasco County, 3/10/2013

This morning I birded West Pasco County with my new friend David Gagne. We had a fantastic time. My biggest hope was to see a Seaside Sparrow, and we found at least one at Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park. We heard several Clapper Rails, a Virginia Rail and a Sora. We then went to the […]

Feb 202013
Birds of Colusa National Wildlife Refuge

Colusa National Wildlife Refuge is part of the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex located about 90 miles North of Sacramento, California’s state capitol. The Sacramento National Wildlife Complex consists of five national wildlife refuges (NWR) and three wildlife management areas (WMA) found in California’s central valley.Colusa NWR is located about 6 miles east of Interstate […]

Feb 192013
How a Fall in Duck Hunting Is Shooting a Financial Hole Into Conservation Efforts

Feb. 7, 2013 — The annual duck hunting season in the United States is traditionally big business, but while bird numbers are rising faster than they have for decades, the number of hunters continues to fall. Far from being good news for ducks a new study in the Wildlife Society Bulletin shows how the loss […]

Jan 082013
Merritt Island NWR, 12/31/2012

I spent the last morning of the year at Merritt Island. We went by Blackpoint Wildlife Drive and then Biolab Rd. I was hoping to find one more species for the year, but it looks like I’ll have to end the year at 259 Florida birds. Still, it was a nice, sunny day, and there […]

Dec 062012
Bosque del Apache NWR by Don Getty – Part 3

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is a premier location for winter birding and bird photography. November and December are the best months. Bosque is located in New Mexico about 95 mile south of Albuquerque. The small community of Socorro, 19 mile north of the Refuge, offers a good variety of hotels and restaurants. When […]

Northern Pintail Anas acuta

Northern Pintail Anas acuta

The Pintail or Northern Pintail (Anas acuta) is a widely-occurring duck which breeds in the northern areas of Europe, Asia and North America. It is strongly migratory and winters south of its breeding range to the equator. This dabbling duck breeds across northern areas of Eurasia south to about Poland and Mongolia, & in Canada, […]

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