Jan 132017
Farewell Harns Marsh Preserve And SW Florida

My likely last visit to Harns Marsh Preserve in Lehigh Acres, Florida, occurred in late October when I met up with Canadian wildlife photographer Frank Constantin. The weather was favorable with the grass well groomed and 39 species of bird observed in the ensuing two hours after sunrise during our stay. A good number of […]

Sep 032016
Migrating Upland Sandpiper At EAA

A second late summer visit to the Everglades Agricultural Area was rewarding for a handful of species photographed this week. An early departure from Fort Myers with Bird Patrol volunteer Tom Obrock allowed a near sunrise arrival at the sod fields on Hatton Road just south of FL SR 80 that had been noted to […]

Aug 062016
Another Harns Marsh Preserve Fail

Having missed the Everglade Snail Kite at Harns Marsh Preserve last week, I was compelled to make a follow up trip on 26 July to attempt to observe the species. I was much more observant to find Apple Snail eggs as well. The clutch of eggs above I questimate to contain 500, well within the […]

Jul 262016
Harns Marsh Preserve Summer Activity

The water level at Harns Marsh Preserve during a 19 July visit was very high, but did not deter a large number of waders from finding the habitat suitable. Bud Tom Obrock and I made a drive over to the preserve in Lehigh Acres which also hosted a very good number of Purple Gallinule and […]

May 272016
Deadly Brain Disease Is Driving Swamp Birds Insane

It’s not easy to make a living as a bird of prey, especially if you’re a Florida snail kite. Once at risk of starvation due to declines in its favored prey, the endangered bird is now facing a terrifying threat: a deadly disease that drives birds insane. True to its name, the foot-long snail kite […]

Mar 232013
Caracolero (Snail Kite)

Sobrevolando el sector aledaño a la toma de agua en la reserva Rincón Santa María este Caracolero se mantuvo a una buena distancia del lugar en el que estábamos apostados en la búsqueda de los esquivos Capuchinos para nosotros. En el suelo encontramos muchos restos de caracoles, pero el sujeto de la foto se resistía […]

Feb 182013
Joe Overstreet and E. Lake Toho, 2/9/2013

It’s always fun when you get two lifers in two days. Yesterday a Lincoln’s Sparrowand this morning a Long-billed Curlew. I drove down to the Joe Overstreet Landing and had a great time there. The Curlew was very cooperative and easily found. It was hanging out with numerous Wilson’s Snipe. Then I found a Crested […]