Jul 142017
Endangered Right Whales suffer losses that threaten their future survival

North Atlantic right whales are now one of the most endangered whales on earth, and a string of recent deaths has raised questions about their future survival. Once known as the “right” whale to kill because their slow movements and time spent at the surface made them easy targets, right whales were nearly decimated by […]

Nov 022016
POLL: Should whales and dolphins be protected in the South Atlantic?

Japan and other pro-whaling nations have defeated a proposal to create an sanctuary for whales in the South Atlantic. The push to create the protected area during a biennial meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) was defeated after 38 countries voted yes and 24 against, as proposals at the conference require 75% of votes […]

Jan 052014
Photographer Captures Astonishing Images of Southern Right Whales

Justin Hofman was at the right place at the right time with this right whale. The look-twice photo has captured imaginations around the web with its juxtaposition of the right whale’s humongous mass with a small boat. The irony is that right whales are among the gentlest creatures on Earth and are endangered because of […]

Feb 102013
Finding mammals in Sydney (Marine mammals)

One of the most exciting things that happens off Sydney coast is the Humpback whale migration. The whales migrate past Sydney twice a year. From April to mid August they are heading north to give birth and mate in the waters of the Coral Sea off Australia’s northeast coast.From mid August to mid December the […]

Feb 032013
The Right Stuff…

The Southern Right Whale (Eubalaena australis) has made a strong recovery since it’s initial protection from hunting in 1935. The population dropped sharply in the 1960s due to heavy illegal poaching (wiping out nearly half of its remaining numbers) but since that was stopped the population has exhibited a healthy upward trend. From an estimated […]

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