Canyon Wrens!

It’s been a bit of a bullshit week for a few different reasons, so I’m in the mood for something cute. I mean, I am generally always in the mood for something cute, but right now especially. So I’ll share these ridiculously adorable canyon wrens with you. They fledged a couple days later (5 of […]

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Spiney Orb Weaver Spider

Spiney Orb Weaver Spider (Gasteracantha canciformis). Found here in Florida most often around citrus trees….both in groves and suburban yards. Known locally as the “crab spider”due to their crablike carapace, they belong to the family of orb weavers, Arneidae, and are quite harmless. The Spiney Orb Weaver spins a large and strong web (like the […]

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