Jan 242018
How Do Squirrels Deal With Cold? They May Not Feel It Like Us

Do hibernating animals get cold? It might seem like a simple question, but scientists have long wondered exactly how bears, bats, snakes, and many other creatures can wait out the winter without freezing to death. According to a new study, that may be because hibernating animals don’t feel winter’s chill in the same way that […]

Jan 022018
Advocates Raise Millions for Wildlife Bridge in Los Angeles

It’s not an easy life for the mountain lions and other animals that make their home in the Santa Monica Mountains. Because they’re so isolated, Los Angeles mountain lions are almost 100 percent likely to become extinct in 50 years due to inbreeding, which can cause health problems and unusual behavior. Leaving their territory is […]

Oct 252017
Serengeti Cheetah and Giraffe Interaction

Still in the Western Corridor of the Serengeti and after a relatively unsuccessful previous day waiting for our “flat cats” to raise themselves and start moving and playing, we were up and on our way by 6h30 the next morning full of expectation that a fresh start would reveal something quite unexpected. Our guide, Yona, […]

Jan 282016
Florida Bobcat: Lynx rufus

I did a post of Florida’s Bobcats (Lynx rufus) some time back, but it just disappeared from the blog. I am reposting these photos as I love watching these cats. We live in a large subdivision bordered by an even larger preserve, so these bobcats thrive on rabbits, squirrels, and, I suppose the occasional loose […]

Dec 282015
Video: Squirrels Mask Scent with Rattlesnake Skin

In the popular TV series “The Walking Dead” humans can hide from zombies by covering themselves in zombie guts, masking their scent. The California ground squirrel (Otospermophilus beecheyi) uses a similar tactic to hide from a major predator, the rattlesnake, which relies on smell to track down its prey.            

Mar 202014
Local knowledge sheds light on some of the world's strangest mammals

One of the difficulties of studying rare and endangered species is that they are, by definition, hard to find. Scientists attempting to understand their distributions and the threats to their survival can spend hundreds of hours in the field while collecting little data, simply because sightings are so few and far between. To find out […]

Sep 032013
Egypt's 'spying' stork and other incidents of animal espionage

A swan has been detained in Egypt on suspicion of being a spy. Except it looks – in pictures released by the Egyptian authorities, who kept referring to it as a “swan” – like a stork. Perhaps it was wearing a disguise. The bird, allegedly working for the French government, was captured in a heroic […]

Jul 202013
Summer Scenes of Critters at the Pond

A couple of weeks ago I kept hearing a simple, three pitched call from the yard. I went out to investigate and it was the Black-headed Grosbeak fledgling calling to be fed. Click on photos for full sized images. It was a familiar song but I hadn’t heard it since last year and it is […]

Mar 262013
Goodness knows

Kindergarteners swarmed around the khaki-clad naturalist, squealing with excitement, shouting out questions and jockeying for a better view.The adult volunteers on this field trip were a tougher audience. “I’m glad they’re having fun but I don’t see why anyone should care about some bug,” one 30-something mom confided to another, adding, “What good is it, […]

Jan 282013

American robins and other wild creatures have to get creative if they want to quench a winter thirst (Photo: Ingrid Taylar, Creative Commons license). Which season comes to mind when you read these words? parched; desiccated; shriveled; arid; sere; If you’re a wild thing, the answer may well be winter. Sure, the heat of summer […]

Jan 072013
Kgalagadi: September 2009 (Part 9)

It’s time to finish up this trip report as I’ve got many more to share! We awoke to our last full day in the Kgalagadi for this trip. There were some wonderfully streaky cirrus clouds in the sky, and I was hoping to make use of that to capture some interesting landscapes and animals-in-habitat photos. […]

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