Dec 112017
Tigers sun bathing in Tadoba

As my safari vehicle drove into Tadoba National Park for one last time on this trip, I couldn’t help but replay in my mind, all the fantastic sightings that Matt and I had been blessed with, over the days that we had been here. Matt’s first Tiger sighting happened in the Junone buffer zone. We […]

Nov 012017
Sibling Play in Tadoba

Watching Choti Tara, one of the much sought after Tigress in Tadoba National Park, play with her cubs would have brought tears of joys to any die hard wildlife enthusiast. Soon it reached a point where the Tigress could not be at the receiving end of her sons teeth and claws and she growled at […]

Aug 082017
Matkasur – Dominant Tiger in Tadoba’s core zone

When Matkasur – Tadoba’s dominant Tiger disappeared into the creek, we thought that was the end of the amazing sighting. Our guide pointed out that there was a distinct possibility of him reappearing a little further down the road. This time we positioned our Jeep at the perfect distance and angle from the probable reappearance […]

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