May 032018
Video: Two Hungry Jaguars Are No Match for This Plucky Otter

PORTE JOFRE, PANTANAL, BRAZIL – On a particularly hot afternoon last October, two jaguar sisters named Medrosa and Jaju went down to the river to drink. But before they had reached the waters of the Corixo Negro, a giant otter loudly voiced its displeasure. A top predator, the river otter is known to some local […]

Apr 272018
Video: New Bird of Paradise Species Has Smooth Dance Moves

It’s hard to find a more superb bird than the superb bird of paradise. Males have an elaborate courtship ritual, during which they spread out their black cape until only a bright blue breast plate and blue eyes are visible in an all-absorbing blackness. Then he puts on a dance, moving around a female in […]

Apr 252018
Video - Little penguins return to ocean after being treated for injuries

After spending two months at a wildlife hospital, five little penguins are back in the ocean after being released from a Sydney beach. The birds, Footsie, Margaret, Collin, Bondi and Nigel, said goodbye to their Taronga Zoo handlers and swam away at Manly’s Shelly Beach on Tuesday morning. They were rescued from as far as […]

Apr 232018
8 Lion Cubs Killed in Suspected Poison Attack

Wildlife authorities found 11 lions dead from suspected poisoning in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park, in the southwest of of the country, on April 10. The dead lions, eight of them cubs and the other three adult lionesses, were part of a pride that also included three males. The pride had been filmed along with […]

Apr 132018
The Joy of Frogs: a 360 film about the mating season

Every spring, ponds around the UK start stirring and frogs come out of their winter slumber to mate. Here’s a unique perspective on an event that’s been happening since the age of the dinosaurs. If you’re viewing on mobile you’ll need to download the YouTube app for the full 360° experience. If you’re viewing on […]

Apr 022018
Ferocious Eagle Attack Captured in Slow Motion

Majestic as they are, bald eagles can lead surprisingly scrappy lives. In addition to aerial battles waged over territory, the birds sometimes wield their sharp talons while tussling over a bite of fish. Photographer Christian Sasse recently captured an eagle altercation in slow motion in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, part of the Aleutian Islands. The video […]

Mar 072018
Birds Sleep in Giraffe Armpits, New Photos Reveal

The best way to guarantee breakfast in bed for some small African birds is falling asleep on your dinner plate—even if it’s a giraffe’s armpit. Scientists have long known that yellow-billed oxpeckers hang out on massive African mammals like giraffe, water buffalo, and eland during the day—an often beneficial relationship that provides hosts with cleaner, […]

Jan 242018
How Do Squirrels Deal With Cold? They May Not Feel It Like Us

Do hibernating animals get cold? It might seem like a simple question, but scientists have long wondered exactly how bears, bats, snakes, and many other creatures can wait out the winter without freezing to death. According to a new study, that may be because hibernating animals don’t feel winter’s chill in the same way that […]

Jan 172018
POLL: Should Lolita the Lonely Orca be Freed?

Beloved game show host and animal advocate Bob Barker has a brilliant suggestion for the Miami Seaquarum’s New Year’s resolution – let Lolita, the marine park’s lone orca, go home in 2018. Barker partnered up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to make a video calling on the Miami Seaquarium to release […]

Jan 162018
Arctic Fox and Snowy Owl Filmed Doing Strange 'Dance' - But Why?

Tourists in Hudson Bay, Canada, are usually most eager to see polar bears. But in November of 2012, it was a snowy owl and an Arctic fox that stole the show. Over the course of about a week, the fox and owl were seen repeatedly dancing around each other, almost as if they were playing. […]

Jan 122018
Stunning Video Shows a Man Flying With Birds

When Christian Moullec saw that lesser white-fronted geese were struggling with their migration from Germany to Sweden in 1995, he took to the skies to help them. Today, weather permitting, he soars with birds on an almost daily basis. A meteorologist by trade, the 58-year-old Frenchman didn’t start out as a pilot. But inspired by […]

Jan 042018
Video: Power lines killing the last remaining Great Indian Bustards in India

On Dec. 9, researchers discovered the remains of an extremely rare bird in India’s Thar Desert, in the northwestern state of Rajasthan. All that remained was a pile of bones, and large, brown feathers, fluttering beneath a power line. The dead bird, one of the last remaining wild individuals of the critically endangered great Indian […]

Jan 012018
POLL: Should fox hunting legislation be repealed in the UK?

As horses, hounds and hunters gather on the busiest day of the year for fox hunting, activists have raised concerns that trail-hunting is being used as a cover for bloodsport more than a decade after it was banned in the UK. At least 300 hunts are expected to take place across the country on Boxing […]

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