Nov 032017
Bearded Reedlings (Panurus biarmicus)

Nice and sunny with no fog today so I thought I’d try for the hairy titties again. I found them and at times had them close, sometimes also with sun light on them and also close enough to use the flash but am I happy with any of the pics? Don’t think so. Behavior wise […]

Jul 202017
Mongolia - 19th May (Day 12) - Sangiin Dalai Lake, and Hustai National Park (Part 2)

Arriving at Bayan Nuur from Sangiin Dalai Lake it was immediately apparent that this lake was teaming with birdlife even though it was blowing a gale. Almost the first birds we picked up were a pair of stunning White-naped Crane on the far hillside with another pair closer in the reeds, we saw nine in […]

Apr 052017
Oslo in a nutshell

I took in quite a few of Oslo’s best localities today in chilly temperatures but without the rain that was forecast and with few new birds. Maridalen had 3 Lapwings in the morning but 6 by the afternoon which were stood on the ice – hopefully these (and more to come) will breed in the […]

Dec 302016
Snow Buntings at Salthouse

Barn Owl, Buzzard and Marsh Harrier at Burnham Norton kicked the day off well. A Water Rail was a nice surprise at Brancaster Staithe whilst watching a good variety of waders in the harbour. At Thornham the Twite flew back and forth but remained mobile and a Kingfisher buzzed through without stopping. Lot’s of Skylark […]

Nov 162014
Lapwings and Water rail: mirror, shine and attitudes

Vanellus vanellus – 3 Northern lapwings landed about 60 m from the hide, the distance was a pity but the show was great! 3 Vanneaux huppés se sont posés peu avant que le râle n’apparaisse, à environ 60 mètres de nous: même avec le 500 mm c’était juste en distance.     Rallus aquaticus – […]

Nov 032013
The Water Rail

Rallus aquaticus Gruiformes – Rallidae These birds are monogamous and very territorial; however, on sites which suit them best but are regrettably becoming scarce, a pair can nest at 20 meters from each other. The birds are very affectionate toone another; the male chooses the location of the nest and builds it elevated according to […]