Dec 012015
Photographer finally takes perfect shot of kingfisher after 720,000 attempts

Alan McFadyen, who has been an avid wildlife photographer since 2009, just captured a photo that he has spent 6 years trying to get. By his count, it took him 4,200 hours and 720,000 photos to get a perfect shot of a kingfisher diving straight into the water without a single splash. “The photo I […]

Mar 132015
Birding and Photography Ethics

I’ve been an avid photographer for just about all this millennium, but I only became significantly interested in birding and wildlife photography after I received my 400mm lens and moved to Florida. I spent my early months here driving around wildlife loops and photographing whatever birds I saw. Eventually, I wanted to photograph more diversity […]

Mar 042014
Birds from Ooty, India

Ooty is a picturesque hill station located in the Western Ghats region of South West India, roughly about 300kms from Bangalore. A touristy place infested with lots of picnickers, honeymoon couples, families, travelers.. yet its a place that’s bowls you out with the diversity of bird life you get to see. Below is a glimpse […]

Aug 022013
Compound Eye: Scientific American blog Interview

The excellent science blogger and biologist Alex Wild features an interview with me on Scientific American’s Compound Eye blog. Do you usually have a particular image in mind when you head into the field with your gear? Or are you open to shooting what you find? It has to be fun. The most fun for […]

Jul 092013
Federal (Scarlet-headed Blackbird)

Esta es un ave emblemática de nuestro país Argentina. El Federal (Amblyramphus holosericeus), ha sido y es perseguido y capturado por los cazadores furtivos ya que su comercialización como ave ornamental es alta lo que ha producido una gran merma en sus poblaciones y coloca a la especie en peligro con calificación de VULNERABLE. Esto […]