Petition: Help Revoke the License of a Cruel Wildlife Photography Farm

Petition: Help Revoke the License of a Cruel Wildlife Photography Farm

Amid the scenic beauty of Montana, a dark secret lurks within Triple D Wildlife, a photography game farm. While the organization has a positive reputation for “authentic” wildlife photography experiences, it seems that countless animals have suffered from animal cruelty and neglect.

Despite its alarming history, the facility continues to operate legally, with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) renewing its license even amid ongoing investigations. It’s time for the USDA to stop looking the other way and take action.

Sign the petition to demand the USDA revoke Triple D Wildlife’s license, effectively putting an end to their ongoing animal cruelty!

It seems like most animals at Triple D are subjected to a life of confinement and exploitation. This game farm has a history of serious animal welfare violations, including keeping animals in cramped, filthy conditions, using them for breeding with little regard for their well-being, and then discarding them like disposable objects. These practices are not only unethical but also a blatant violation of the trust placed in institutions meant to protect wildlife.

Reports indicate that animals are bred excessively, and once they are no longer deemed useful, they are sold to exotic pet owners, fur farms, or even worse fates. For an organization that has such a positive public reputation for its treatment of animals, the reality is drastically different.

In the wake of the infamous ‘Tiger King,’ scandal that caused increased farm regulations across the country, it seems that Triple D has somehow remained unscathed. The farm continues to operate, despite a recent USDA complaint against Triple D documents multiple incidents of animals escaping, resulting in injury or death, and other cases of severe neglect. The time for oversight and half-measures is over. This has to stop.

Sign the petition to demand that the USDA take immediate action to revoke Triple D’s license and ensure that no more animals suffer under their care!

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This article by Mathew Davis was first published by One Green Planet on 30 April 2024. Image Credit :Andywak/Shutterstock.

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