Apr 142018

Le plumage du Busard des roseaux – Circus aeruginosus – La femelle se distingue par une tête très claire variant du blanc au crème soutenu et le reste du corps brun foncé avec une bande claire sur le haut de l’aile. Ce rapace se nourrit de tout animal vivant plus petit que lui.

The female Marsh harrier has white to creamy markings on the head and a creamy stripe on the wings against a dark brown body. This bird of prey is found around dams with reeds and feeds on all living things smaller than itself.

Le mâle présente des zones plus claires dans son plumage, particulièrement la queue, presque blanche à la base, et la partie centrale des ailes; la tête est d’une couleur claire intermédiaire sans marquage précis.

The male presents light area in its plumage, especially on the tail, nearly white at the base and at the middle of the wings; the head is fairly light but without precise markings.


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Passionate about Wildlife, Photography and Wildlife issues. I live in the south of France at the present, but have lived in Africa for 16 years, in the U.S. for 3 years. With my husband, I created and managed a BIRD PARK in South Africa, raising mainly psittacines; the breeding facility housed over 1000 parrots at any given time. I speak French and English alike and manage decently in Spanish. My photography is about sharing fauna's beauty with other enthusiasts! Equipment: ALL NIKON Cameras: D500, D750 Tele lenses: 300 mm, 500 mm, 800 mm f5/6E, Zoom lenses: 16/80 mm, 80/400 mm, 200/500 mm and: Macro 150 Sigma. * * * My work can be seen HERE: http://1000-pattes.blogspot.fr/ * * * NOT ON FACEBOOK

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