Results of the Best Photo of the Month July 2020

Results of the Best Photo of the Month August 2020

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest photo competition. David DesRochers wins First Prize for his outstanding image ‘Fiery Throated & Rivoli’s Hummingbird’. Noushka Wildlife wins Second and Third Prizes with her breathtaking images “Tiny!’ and  ‘Kingfisher in Action!’. Please give kudos to the photographers by leaving a comment and sharing their […]

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Booted eagle

Aigle botté – Aguila calzada, Hieraaetus pennatus, Spain, 2017/08/24, Nikon: D500 + 800 mm f5/6E,   This migratory eagle nests in southern Europe and winters in Africa and Asia. With a friend we arrived at the spot very early and he had assured me that the weather report said bright and sunny after a small […]

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Little bittern

Ixobrychus minutus – Ardeidae – It is the smallest ardeidae weighing between 60 and 150g. Lives in bedreeds and highly vegetated shores. If it is still listed LC (minor concern) in the status of UICN preservation, it is in severe decline in Europe due to the reduction of the swampy areas: the national population in […]

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