These 8 Ways Will Help You Keep Geese Away

These 8 Ways Will Help You Keep Geese Away

Geese can be a serious problem in many areas. If you have a pond or lake, they will leave their droppings everywhere and ruin the view. Parents do not want geese near schools because of disease concerns. Many people do not want to kill the geese, so here are some effective ways to keep them away.

1. Stop feeding them!

Geese can be very aggressive, and they will continue to return if there is easy food available. If you are wondering how to get rid of canadian geese, which are the most common ones, the food source has to be eliminated. Stop leaving food around that might attract them.

2. Use a pond net.

This is a very effective way of keeping geese out of any water area. Not only will the geese not be able to get in, but neither will their droppings. The problem with this method is that it can cost close to $1000, and you may need to hire someone to install it since it needs to go around the entire perimeter of the water.

This price is not an option for many people, but if you can afford it, then give it some serious consideration. One very important thing when considering this option: whether you use a net like this, make sure there are no holes in your fence! Geese can fly very far, and they will consider your yard a safe haven if they know they can get in and out.

3. Use a fence or four foot wall.

This is another way of keeping geese away from the area you do not want them to be in, such as near your pond. Geese cannot fly over this type of barrier, so it will keep them out when combined with option one (stop feeding them).

Since geese are very territorial when nesting, this method must be used before they begin to make their nests, or else it will not work.

The problem with this method is that many people believe that geese know how high of a fence they can actually flyover, which means you may have to install a taller fence than necessary, which would of course cost more.

4. Scare them.

An effective way to scare geese away is by using fake snakes, which they are very afraid of. This works well when you catch the geese off guard, and it will usually work for a few days. Another option that might be cheaper than the snakes would be just putting up some balloons or anything that can move in the wind and look like another animal.

If possible, try to place these near a fence where the geese cannot escape from after being scared, as this will ensure they do not come back for a while. You have to know what they look like in order to scare them away, so you don’t mistake them for some other species.

5. Spray them with water!

This method is not one that should be used alone on its own because it may cause more problems than good, but if there are several geese in the area, it may be worth a try. If there are no eggs or nests around, you can spray them with water when they come to your yard, so they know you are not an easy target. This method is more effective if combined with number one (stop feeding them).

6. Use chemical/natural repellents.

There are several ones on the market that have worked well for many homeowners, but just remember that these only work if there is no food being left out for them! It will not help much if the birds stay because there is always something to eat.

These options should also be considered supplemental and never used on their own. A good example of this type of deterrent would be using predator urine, which scares geese away because they are very territorial, and it is a natural animal instinct for them to flee from predators.

7. Try a scarecrow.

This method is actually very effective when combined with number one (stop feeding them). Geese will know that the area is being protected if they see a human in it, so this way, they will not want to come back.

8. Use a dog to scare them.

This method is very similar to number seven (the scarecrow) in that it works well when combined with other methods. If the dogs are allowed to run free, they will be able to chase away any other animals or geese that come into their yard.

This method should only be used if there are no small children around because after all, many dogs can get aggressive when protecting what’s theirs.

Be aware that using a dog as your only form of protection for geese may cause them to go somewhere else where they might not be bothered by them, and they will most likely be back!

Are geese dangerous?

Geese can be very dangerous, especially when they are protecting their eggs and young goslings. When nesting, female geese become extremely territorial and will attack anyone who gets too close. This is why it is important to keep them away from your private property before they start to make nests, or else you may find yourself in a dangerous situation.

This of course also applies to the males (ganders) but less so because they do not typically nest like the females do; however, during the mating season all bets are off! Protect family members, including children, by making sure there are no small openings in fences where geese can enter without being seen or heard, as this would give them the upper hand if anything were ever to happen.

Why is it better to naturally scare them away rather than killing them?

Although some people consider geese a nuisance, they are still considered part of our wildlife. Many people who have the chance to get close to them will see that they are actually very graceful and beautiful animals. Killing them is cruel and inhumane, even if it is not your first choice of action because you have been tolerating their presence for so long on your property.

But when you choose to scare them off in a humane way, they learn when it is okay to be around and when they are not welcome. This does not mean that the geese will never come back because in fact, once they know that there is food on your property, they will certainly return again. What this method does instead gives them the impression that humans are not an easy target and that they will not be able to enter your yard without being detected.

Overall, when it comes to geese, it is very important that they are not fed in any way because they will find their own food source. When this is done, all hope of keeping them out of your yard is lost, especially if there are no other predators in the area. Try not to ruin the wildlife, but still protect yourself and your home.

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