Bank Cormorant Phalacrocorax neglectus

Bank Cormorant Phalacrocorax neglectus

Phalacrocorax neglectus breeds at 45 localities between Hollam’s Bird Island, Namibia, and Quoin Rock, South Africa. About 80-90% of the breeding population is located on Mercury (1,840 pairs) and Ichaboe Islands, Namibia (Kemper et al. 2007, Ludynia et al. 2010). The non-breeding range extends from just south of Hoanibmond south to Die Walle. Several island populations in the west and north Cape Province have declined in recent years and seven former breeding localities have been vacated (Harrison et al. 1997).

The total number of breeding pairs fell from 7,600 in 1978-1980 to 5,750 by 1990 and to 2,800 by 2006 (Kemper et al. 2007).

Fact Sheet: Bank Cormorant Phalacrocorax neglectus


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