Useful Tips That You Should Know Before Adopting Your First Aussiedoodle

Useful Tips That You Should Know Before Adopting Your First Aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodles Are The Beautiful Mix Of Australian Shepherd and Poodles

This beautiful breed of Aussiedoodles is causing a rave between people who are looking forward to being dog owners. As purebred offspring, these dogs are the combination of two of the world’s favorite breeds, the Australian Shepherd and Poodle. This gives the perfect blend of good looks and qualities that makes them the pet that can help you with its companionship.

Below are some useful tips that will help you know more about Aussiadoodle before you get one home to be your forever companion.

Roots Of Aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodles are one of the best crossbreeds with the world’s most sought-after qualities. Breeders like Uptown Puppies understand this and help dog owners get this intelligent and beautiful breed. One of the parents of the Aussiedoodle is the Australian shepherd. These were known for their shepherding skills and are a common sight on ranches in the west. They are intelligent, athletic, and very focused. They will do any job for their owners to please them.

On the other hand, the Poodle, which is the other parent for the Aussiedoodle is known for its glamourous appearance. They are well known for being the center of attention in circus performances as well as the laps of the elite group.

The combination, therefore, is bound to be one that has the best of qualities from both parents.

Intelligence Factor

It is not a surprise when you take into consideration the parents of the Aussiedoodle that this breed is an intelligent one. However, it is not always easy to train them. Smart little pups get bored quickly and are more prone to anxiety and stress. They do require the attention of their owners to give them enough mental stimulation.

To make sure that the Aussiedoodle doesn’t have any behavioral problems, their human parents must make an effort to look after them. When they feel stressed, they can easily find an escape route. They should be kept busy with different things to do in their free time.

When you provide them with lots of exercises, your pup will stay happy, active, and healthy.

Appearance Of The Dog

The appearance of your Aussiedoodle will depend on the traits it takes on from its parents. Both the Australian Sheperd and poodle look very different, so their puppy could take on different genetic traits from either. You can check with the breeder to confirm what size and type of Aussiedoodle breed you are looking for. They can be tall as 23 inches to as small as 10 inches.

They can have different variations in the color of their coat right from Dark black to tan shades. The type of their coat could be wavy or short. As this breed also comes in hypoallergenic types, they are often a choice for people who have allergies.

Life Span

When you look after your Aussiedoodle properly, it can live up to 12 years or longer. The lifespan of the dog will depend upon their diet, lifestyle, and genetics too. You can improve the quality and vitality of your dog’s life.

You can do so by maintaining a well-balanced diet that varies as they grow older. This will prevent any health issues from taking place. Be consistent with the visits to the vet and keep your dog updated with all the needed vaccines. Spend some time to groom your dog and also give attention to their oral health.

Therapy Dogs

If you know someone who needs a therapy dog then the Aussiedoodle should be your first recommendation to them. These dogs are completely in sync with their masters and are very intelligent.

One of the major reasons this breed is now a popular choice as a therapy dog is their need to do jobs continuously. They take their work seriously and put in all their efforts to make their owner happy. They can provide emotional support in stressful times and take pride in being able to do so.

Easy To Get Along

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If you have children on other pets in your house and worry if the Aussiedoodle will get along with the others, you can put your worries to rest. This breed is very social. They like to play with children and other pets too be it another Maltipoo puppy or labrador.

This even makes it easier to take them to parks or walks as you can be assured they will not attack other dogs or be aggressive.

The above-mentioned are sure to have warmed your heart towards this beautiful and friendly breed. With loyalty as their core instinct, they are sure to be a good companion for you all through their dog years.

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