Want to Join our “Multi-author Wildlife Blog”?

Want to Join our “Multi-author Wildlife Blog”?

Do you have an interesting wildlife story to share, images or videoclips you’d like to post on-line? If the answer is “YES” then we invite you to join our “Multi-Author Wildlife Blog”.

Want to Join our “Multi-author Wildlife Blog”?
Pale-crested Woodpecker (Celeus lugubris) perched on a branch in Bolivia, South America.

Write and publish articles in your own language – although our principle language is English, we welcome original articles in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and many other languages. Our website is equipped with Google Translate, and each article can be viewed in more than 60 languages. A recent survey showed that 72% of our readers judged the quality of translations as fair to good and 96% thought the tool was easy to use.

Gain popularity for your own website – all posts published each day are featured on our newsletter with a large global circulation. After publishing five posts on our website you will be eligible to be upgraded from “contributor” to “author”, in which case your profile will be featured on our “Team Page“. Your profile with back-links to your website and social media links will automatically be included at the end of each post.

Support Wildlife Conservation – our Team Mission is to promote wildlife conservation by changing attitudes towards nature and helping people imagine wildlife and humans living in harmony.

Simply confirm your interest to join us by completing this form. You will immediately receive confirmation of your registration by email. After your registration has been approved (usually within 24 hours) you will be able to upload images, draft and post articles on our website at your leisure.

Vanished - Megascops Choliba by Jose Garcia Allievi

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