Watch This Tiny Baby Hedgehog Get Rescued

Watch This Tiny Baby Hedgehog Get Rescued

In a heartwarming viral video shared by @animallovershnt on Instagram, viewers witnessed the incredible journey of a newborn hedgehog rescued and nurtured back to health by a compassionate girl.

With over 14 million likes and nearly 80,000 heartwarming comments, the video captured the hearts of animal lovers worldwide.

When the girl stumbled upon the tiny hedgehog, she initially wasn’t sure if it was alive.

Undeterred, she sprang into action, reviving it and feeding it milk through a syringe.

Through her tender care and dedication, the hedgehog gradually grew stronger, becoming inseparable from its rescuer.

From being as small as a thumb to now living a happy life, the bond between the girl and her hedgehog companion serves as a touching reminder of the power of love and compassion.


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This article by Trinity Sparke was first published by One Green Planet on 18 April 2024. Image Credit : Kurit afshen/Shutterstock.

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