What You Must Consider Before Buying a Solar Birdbath

What You Must Consider Before Buying a Solar Birdbath

For bird lovers and watchers, attracting birds with food is not enough – they also need water. Apart from the need to drink water, they also love to bathe and play in it.

Keeping a birdbath around your house will attract all kinds of beautiful birds. There are different birdbaths, but many people prefer solar birdbaths, especially the solar hanging birdbath, because of its many perks.

Essential Things to Consider Before Buying a Solar Birdbath

If you are a bird lover, before buying a solar hanging birdbath or any of the variants of a solar birdbath, here are some features you should consider to make the best decision.

  1. Assembly and Installation: Buy a product that is easy to assemble and install. You don’t want to pay extra to hire an installer after buying a birdbath. Buying a product that allows for easy installation means you can change the location of your bath whenever you like.
  1. Design: Birds are attracted to colors. Consider buying a bath with different beautiful colors. Another reason why design is important is that nobody wants an ugly piece hanging on their front porch. A beautifully designed birdbath will add color and beauty to your space.
  1. Battery Life: Some essential questions you may want to ask are; how long does it take to charge fully? Will a charged battery provide adequate energy for the whole night? What happens during seasons where there is less sun? The better the battery life, the more you’d enjoy the birdbath.
  1. Material: The kind of material your birdbath is made from determines how long it will last. Some materials fade or crack easily. Since the bath would be hanging in the sun during different weather conditions, it would help if you opt for a durable one.
  1. Ease of Cleaning: Birds will come from different places and bring with them dirt and sand. You should be able to clean your birdbath often with ease because clean baths will attract more birds.


Before buying a birdbath, you should consider all the above to get value for your money. Please do not buy the first beautiful option you see. Read about it and learn about its capabilities and how it fits your needs.

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