Yellow Wagtail- Motacilla Flave

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Yellow Wagtail- Motacilla Flave

Canon EOS1000D+CanonEF75-300III USM

Mysore, Karnataka, India

Lakes & Water Bodies

Date Taken:


Ragoo Rao

An amateur nature photographer.Live in India. Interested in birds & wild animals behavior study. Watercolor Landscape painter. Migratory birds tracker and documenter.

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Ken Billington

Iain Gibson Iain, it's true that members frequently misspell species names – the only way to avoid such mistakes would be to employ an editor to monitor all uploads – unfortunately this would be a non-paid post as we're a non-profit organization – would you like to volunteer?

Iain Gibson

Ken Billington, I appreciate that, but it doesn't explain the misspelling which occurs quite frequently. Glad you weren't offended. You run a great site.

Ken Billington

Iain Gibson, thanks for your comment – you're absolutely correct in your constructive criticism. This happens in the WildFocus Galleries because the uploading software capitalizes all nouns in the title. It is on the "to do" list for our programmer, so please bear with us until this can be resolved. This is not an issue in articles, however, where the Latin names are always correctly presented.

Iain Gibson

Call me pedantic, but why are scientific names so often misspelt on FoW? The Yellow Wagtail species is Motacilla flava (as on the photograph itself). In addition, the specific epithet should begin with a lower case letter, another common error being to capitalise it. I know 99.9% of naturalists and biologists are well aware of this, but it keeps slipping through!