Nov 102012

Second part that accounts some of my many photographic expeditions at Laem Pak Bia, a great area for waders and much more…

December 23rd, 2008 & December 27th, 2008 – just before Christmas (08), we visited the King’s Project on a sunny day and got a few images.

It was already pretty dry around Central Thailand and most of the ponds had little or no water. This keeps the waders in smaller areas and you can approach them a considerably better.

This day I got two new species for me at the location: the Temmick’s Stint and the huge Stork-billed Kingfisher; the last one never seen there again; as I understand

Common-Kingfisher – female by Alex Vargas, Thailand 2008

Temminck’s Stint – non breed by Alex Vargas, Thailand 2008

Stork-billed Kingfisher by Alex Vargas, Thailand 2008

I managed to get really close to the Painted Stork, that somehow seemed more colorful that day… The noisy and funny Black-winged Stilt was in big numbers in the nearly dry ponds, while the non-breeding Little Grebe seemed common in the oxidation ponds kept full

Painted Stork – portrait by Alex Vargas, Thailand 2008

Black-winged Stilt by Alex Vargas, Thailand 2008

Little Grebe – non breed by Alex Vargas, Thailand 2008

We then went back a few days later and it was a whole new set of birds we found!… lots of waders…
The Golden Plover was perfectly camouflaged, the Wood Sandpiper froze and the Spotted Redshank didn’t minded at all

Pacific Golden Plover – non breed by Alex Vargas, Thailand 2008

Wood Sandpiper – non breed by Alex Vargas, Thailand 2008

Spotted Redshank – non breed by Alex Vargas, Thailand 2008

A Greater Coucal ran across the road, the Lapwings were screaming -as usual- and a cute Whiskered Tern gave signs of molting into a breeding adult

Greater Coucal by Alex Vargas, Thailand 2008

Red-Wattled Lapwing – sunny by Alex Vargas, Thailand 2008

Alex Vargas

Alex Vargas is one of the best-known bird guides with experience in Latin America, the Caribbean Islands. He originates from Costa Rica, a paradise hosting 4% of the world's biodiversity. Alex is now based in Thailand with his Costa Rican wife and his lovely daughter. Here he spends a good part of his life chasing amazing and exotic birds with a camera in hand. Bird-photography has become his big passion and today he has a growing gallery with birds from several hotspots of the world. Alex has been widely published in books and magazines from around the globe and his video channel is full of jewels!

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Alex, congratulations on your success in our recent “Best Photo of the Week Competition”


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