8 Easy Things You Can Do To Save Endangered Species

8 Easy Things You Can Do To Save Endangered Species

The article discusses environmental pollution, endangered species, and 8 simple tips for concerned citizens to save our planet and endangered animals.

Biodiversity and saving endangered species are among the world’s most pressing issues today, and climate change poses many threats.

The loss of natural habitats, deforestation, and other anthropogenic factors are causing a significant decline in species diversity.

Each of our tasks is to prevent the destruction of nature so you can do your part to understand how to protect endangered species.

Check out eight simple tips for helping endangered animals and plants right now.

Facilitating Digital Transformation

A strategic approach to business management with a perfect interaction between the company and society is only possible with corporate and social responsibility, and sustainable development principles and environmental issues are important and popular topics. There are many diverse companies, including those from entertainment and online casinos. For example, the GG Bet Сasino often uses images of nature and endangered species and avoids promoting actions that are harmful to the environment. Due to their large customer base, companies are able to use their platforms to promote environmental issues, distribute educational materials, etc. By helping endangered animals, companies get a familiar increase in customers and develop their businesses.

Education and Information Dissemination

A simple but very effective step to save endangered species is to talk about them. The dissemination of information is the main driving force in solving environmental problems. You can now share Corsican articles, information resources, and interesting facts with your friends, family, and ordinary people. Such discussions are the first significant action that helps draw attention to the conservation issue of how to save endangered animals.

A significant proportion of animals have died as a result of human impact. Knowing this information already has a substantial impact on you and your environment.  

Mammalian species (IUCN, 2020-1)

  • 5850 extant species have been evaluated
  • 4978 of those are fully assessed
  • 3651 are not threatened at present
  • 1244 to 2116 are threatened
  • 81 to 83 are extinct or extinct in the wild:
    • 81 extinct (EX) species
    • 2 extinct in the wild (EW)
    • 0 possibly extinct [CR(PE)]
    • 0 possibly extinct in the wild [CR (PEW)]

Use of Environmentally Friendly Products

It’s no secret how important it is to be environmentally responsible. An extra plastic straw you use to drink your coffee can harm more than one endangered marine animal. Try to choose safe alternatives to the goods and products we already know. For example, straws for drinks made of herbal plants or metal. Supporting such businesses will gradually make them more popular, like their products. Everything you do helps the environment and saves the species right now.

Фото автора Richard Segal: https://www.pexels.com/uk-ua/photo/1618606/
Photo by Richard Segal: https://www.pexels.com/uk-ua/photo/1618606/

Efficient Use of Resources and Waste Reduction

Try to reduce the use of plastic and other difficult-to-recycle resources in your life as much as possible. This lifestyle makes large companies consider investing in alternative packaging and recycling facilities.

Supporting Conservation Organizations

Support organizations dedicated to help endangered animals. Of course, not everyone can invest a lot of money in supporting such campaigns, but you can always become a volunteer and help nature with your hands. Spreading the mission by example is a significant contribution to exemplary achievements.

Foto von Sinitta Leunen: https://www.pexels.com/de-de/foto/ernte-frau-die-mit-einkaufstasche-geht-5661240/
Photo by Sinitta Leunen: https://www.pexels.com/de-de/foto/ernte-frau-die-mit-einkaufstasche-geht-5661240/

Planting trees and preserving green areas

Greening initiatives in large and polluted cities significantly improve plant and animal biodiversity. Such green corridors create suitable conditions for developing new habitats and fauna. In addition, it helps not only wildlife but also you personally. Walking in green squares and breathing fresh air is much more pleasant than ” admiring” a concrete jungle with smog.

Conservation of water resources

We have become very accustomed to endless access to water, but this is only an illusion. There is a significant need for such an essential resource for us. And oceans are constantly being polluted by various harmful emissions. Fresh water reserves have fallen significantly and continue to fall, and if this is not stopped now, the consequences will be catastrophic. So, conserving nature and saving endangered species is essential, and water resources should be used wisely. Try to use it efficiently and economically because even an extra 5 minutes of using the tap can save endangered animals who depend on it.  

Renewable internal freshwater resources per capita (cubic meters)

Global Solidarity and Cooperation

Get involved in global organizations and initiatives to preserve nature and species. Each signed petition is another step towards preserving our planet. Many countries work closely together to maintain sustainable ecosystems. Find out if your country is a member of such an initiative. This knowledge will enable you to build an action plan for how to help the endangered species. 


We are responsible for addressing biodiversity issues, so remember to do your part. The simple eight points described above are achievable and accessible to anyone. Despite today’s serious challenges, forming a new vision brings our planet closer to healing and returning to ecological integrity.

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