Adam Riley

Adam Riley

Adam Riley was raised in a rural region of South Africa and is qualified as a Chartered Accountant. He is the founder of Rockjumper Birding Tours, ORYX Worldwide Photographic Safaris, ORYX Worldwide Wildlife Safaris and Tau Anthropological Safaris. Adam leads tours to numerous countries ranging from Colombia to Egypt and Angola to Papua New Guinea. He is one of Africa’s most experienced birders, having seen over 2,000 species on the continent as well as 7,000 species worldwide.

Oct 092015
Ghana – rainforest birding on the brink by Adam Riley

My connection with Ghana began rather unexpectedly (and as it turned out, rather humorously) more than ten years ago. I was in contact with a group of birders for whom I arranged and guided an annual tour to Africa. During each trip we would discuss a destination for the following year. We already had South […]

Sep 072015
Tribes and birds of the Lower Omo Valley by Adam Riley

Ethiopia, a landlocked country situated in the Horn of Africa, has firmly established itself as one of Africa’s top birding destinations. Its great diversity of habitats hosts an incredible bird count of over 900 species, including Africa’s 2nd highest list of endemics and near-endemics (after South Africa). These 15 endemics and nearly 40 near-endemics (many […]

Feb 202014
Snow Leopard hunt by Adam Riley (INDRI Ultimate Wildlife Tours)

It was our third day in high elevation Hemis National Park, we had awakened before dawn and chugged down a mug of life-giving coffee before ascending a few hundred yards to a knoll above our tented camp in the Rhumbak Valley. At this very spot, on our first afternoon in the park, and within half […]

Sep 092012
The Leeudril Leopard - an Incredible Encounter

Leeudril is a waterhole situated along the dry Nossob river in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. This 15,000sqmi Kalahari desert reserve straddles the South African and Botswana border regions and was created when two national parks were merged – these being South Africa’s Kalahari Gemsbok National Park and Botswana’s Gemsbok National Park. Kgalagadi means “place of […]

Aug 012012
Komodo and its Dragons

‘Komodo’ is a familiar word to most people and almost everyone has heard of the infamous Komodo Dragons, yet few people seem to know much about Komodo Island itself and the stories behind its most famous inhabitants. This arid 390km² island is one of the smaller islands making up an Indonesian chain known as the […]

May 062012
The Dassie Rat - an unique rodent

The Dassie Rat (Petromus typicus) is endemic to the Southwest Arid Zone of Africa. Their range encompasses northwestern South Africa (Northern Cape Province), central and western Namibia and southwestern Angola. These cute, squirrel-like, long tailed rodents occur regularly and sometimes commonly in rocky areas within this vast swathe of desert and semi-desert land. What makes […]

Apr 162012
Bald Ibis by Adam Riley

The world’s 28 Ibis species form the bulk of the family Threskiornithidae (Ibises and Spoonbills), and comprise an interesting group of long-legged, long-beaked, wetland, grassland and forest species. Some are on the brink of extinction (for example Crested, Sao Tome and Giant Ibis), yet others have taken to the modified human world and adapted to […]

Mar 292012
Southern Africa’s first record of Little Crake

The news took South African birders by storm! On Thursday 22 March, Trevor Hardaker, a prominent South African birder and rarity tracker, announced that a Little Crake had been found the previous day by Gillian Barnes in Clovelly Wetland near Fishhoek, a southern suburb of Cape Town. This is not far from Cape Point, Africa’s […]

Mar 162012
Pheasant-tailed Jacana courtship dance by Adam Riley

Whilst leading a birding tour to Sri Lanka last year, I spotted a flash of bright white in a lily-choked wetland near Ambalantota in the south-east of this verdant island. Closer investigation revealed a stunning male Pheasant-tailed Jacana perched atop a female. Pheasant-tailed Jacana pair by Adam Riley Our excitement at finding these avian gems […]

Feb 212012
An afternoon at Nebrownii waterhole, Etosha National Park, Namibia

One of Africa’s great reserves is the incredible Etosha National Park in northern Namibia. This vast, arid wilderness of 22,750 square kilometers is centered around the seemingly endless Etosha Pan, a saline depression that irregularly fills with rain water and at these times attracts millions of flamingoes and other waterbirds (as is the current situation.) […]

Feb 122012
The Geladas of Ethiopia by Adam Riley

Geladas are the sole survivors of a once abundant branch of primates that historically foraged across the grasslands of Africa, the Mediterranean and India. These relics of times gone by now cling to a precarious existence on the sheer cliffs of Ethiopia’s mountains, from which each morning they materialize, to forage on nearby moorlands, before […]