Grace Yoxon

Grace Yoxon

Head of Operations at the International Otter Survival Fund

Mar 152017
Austria flouts EU law to cull otters

Lower Austria is planning to trap and shoot 40 otters in the very near future. This is in spite of the fact that otters are protected by the European Union Fauna and Flora Habitats Directive. This is in response to appeals from fishermen stating that there are too many otters. The numbers quoted for that […]

Feb 232016
2016 – The Year of the Otter

Otters are special animals – not only are they wonderful to watch but they are great indicators to a healthy environment. And yet all over the world they are being exploited for commercial gain and in some places hunted almost to extinction.     DID YOU KNOW THAT FOR EVERY TIGER SKIN FOUND THERE ARE […]

Nov 262015
First Pan-African Otter Training Workshop held in Tanzania

The latest Red List update by IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, has placed an alarming 12 of the 13 species of otter worldwide showing a declining population, with the North American river otter the only one shown as “stable”. Of those 13, Sub-Saharan Africa is home to three species: The spotted-necked otter […]

Apr 282015
Unique new book provides further insights into the world of the elusive otter

The first book providing spectacular photographs and an insight into the lives and behaviour of ALL 13 species of otters has now been launched. It contains detailed information about the magnificent Giant Otter of the Amazon, the tiny Asian Small-Clawed Otter so often found in zoos, the Sea Otter with its charming habits of cracking […]