Nancy Elwood

Nancy Elwood

Nancy Elwood is a Florida based professional nature and wildlife photographer. Her interest in the natural world started as a child reading and watching National Geographic. After graduating from Florida State University School of Nursing, she developed her interest in photography travelling with several National Geographic photographers to Africa, Antarctica and the Falkland Islands. With them she started to hone her skills in capturing natures wonders through a camera lens. Nancy now, when not in the field, shows her work in juried art shows and runs photography workshops.

Jul 282014
South Texas Photography Trip - June 2014

First, this particular area of south Texas is called the Rio Grande Valley, more specifically, the Lower Rio Grande Valley. It is where the Rio Grande River meets the Gulf of Mexico, and is considered one of the most biologically diverse regions in North America, where over 500 species of birds have been documented. During […]

Jun 122013
South Texas Photography Trip

Over the last several years, in a number of photography forums I follow, I kept seeing wonderful images from several of the photography ranches in south Texas. Each year I would say, I need to get down there. Well, last summer I decided to plan the trip. I asked three of my photog friends if […]

Feb 202013
Local Wetlands Never Disappoint

For us nature photographers who are lucky enough to live in Florida, when the shorebirds of Spring and Summer all leave their nesting areas, we wait with great anticipation for December, when the season starts all over again. So December rolled around and as if nature wanted to reward our patience, our wetland areas started […]

Sep 172012
HOT, But Always Something To Capture

Bird photography in Florida during August and September tends to be relatively slow. Sort of that in between stage after the nesting and fledging has finished and before the migrating birds find their way to us from the north and the cool fronts have any effect at all. It is hot, and the heat and […]

Jul 262012
The Jewel Of Florida

We are very fortunate in Floridato have many places where the beauty of nature all seem to come together.The Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands at Viera, though, or The Viera Wetlands, as the locals call it,is my favorite, and the favorite of many nature photographers. It is a water reclamation area with wonderful surrounds and attracts […]

Jun 252012
The Black Skimmers Return

On the west coast of Florida there are around 500 black skimmers that return to the same place each year to nest. For us who live in Florida, it is a wonderful opportunity to watch and photograph their mating rituals, nesting behaviors and interactions with their chicks. Black skimmers are a smallfamily of tern-like birds […]

Jun 092012
Florida's Least Terns

Rather close to where I live there is an area that least terns return to eachApril-Mayto nest. They are a small shorebird with a wingspan of 22-24 cm long. Their nesting coloniesappear along marine or estuarine shores, and are not dense. The nests arejust smallindentations in the sand. Because of the way they nest, the […]

Jun 022012
Burrowing Owl Time

There are several places in Florida that in February each yearthe burrowing owls return to and nest. Their nests are burrows mostly borrowed from other animals such as praire dogs and the like. The adults are 7-11 inches tall, only slightly larger than an American Robin. Males and females are similiar in size and appearance, […]

Apr 262012
A Great Find!

I have been very lucky of late to have the opportunity of capturing a pileated woodpecker family at their nest. The nest was in a barren tree trunk void of branches and only about 20 feet high. On top of that the photo viewing was clear of trees. The light at times was not terrific, […]