Bird Enthusiasts Team Up to Save Injured Eagle

Bird Enthusiasts Team Up to Save Injured Eagle

A local bird rescuer and a compassionate kayaker recently came together to save a bald eagle from a dire situation in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The bird, injured after being hit by a car, found itself trapped in a thicket of brambles and reeds near the South River.

The events began to unfold when Donna Cole received a call about an eagle that had been struck by a car on a nearby highway. Responding promptly, a police officer reached the scene first, ensuring the eagle’s safety by redirecting traffic away from the injured bird.

Upon arriving at the scene, Donna Cole was faced with a daunting task. The eagle had sought refuge in a densely wooded area, tangled with sticky bushes and brambles, making a land-based rescue operation nearly impossible. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Cole decided to explore a different approach – a water-based rescue.

Cole enlisted the help of John Flood, a board member of the Arundel Rivers Federation who possessed a boat. Flood was immediately enthusiastic about the rescue operation. Together, Cole and Flood embarked on a boating adventure down the South River, determined to locate and save the injured eagle.

After spotting the eagle on more than one occasion, the rescue team’s efforts were continuously hampered by challenging conditions. However, the emergence of unexpected helpers added a miraculous touch to the story. A kayaker spotted the eagle on the other side of the river and promptly alerted the rescuers.

Cole and Flood refused to be deterred by the challenges that lay ahead. They approached the eagle’s location for the final rescue attempt. Amidst shallow waters and murky mud, Flood navigated the boat while Cole braved the muck to reach the bird. Aided by the help of the kayaker who spotted the eagle, the rescue mission culminated in a victorious moment.

Today, the rescued bald eagle finds itself on the path to recovery at the Owl Moon Raptor Center. Donna Cole expressed deep gratitude to all those who contributed their time, expertise, and compassion to save the beautiful creature. The successful rescue mission stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, determination, and the commitment to safeguarding our environment and its inhabitants.

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This article by Trinity Sparke was first published by One Green Planet on 14 September 2023. Image Credit :PHOTOOBJECT/Shutterstock.

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