Birds of India Part I

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A recently completed tour of Amazing India was spectacular. My partner Dr. Caesar Sengupta and I worked together to create a series of 3 seminars, and then a workshop tour to the Southern Himalayas.

Superb success, so many happy guests, and lots of fun would summarize this experience. The travel was more then interesting, and proved to be a major learning curve completed. Our guest were nothing short of fantastic… throughout the tour, I was treated like a king!

Below, three images from a location called Sat Tal, north of Delhi… a 5 hour train, and a 2 hour drive, we enjoyed the sights and sounds of rural India. Yes! People everywhere, but never did I feel crowded. Such friendly, well mannered folks, with so many very good questions.

Our bird guide took us to this park that is heavily populated with several species. the trees were full of sounds and birds that I am totally not familiar with, so, another great learning experience. Was the shooting easy? Not at all! Woodland species are very “flighty” so the degree of difficulty was high, but we love a challenge.

More news in parts 2 and three, soon to come.

Crested Kingfisher – India

Black Lored Tit – India

Himalayan Black Bulbul – India

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