Disturbing Photo Shows Elephant Hacked Apart With Chainsaws by Hunters

Disturbing Photo Shows Elephant Hacked Apart With Chainsaws by Hunters

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A drone camera has captured a disturbing image of the trophy- crisis: Lying dead on the ground in Botswana is an with injuries that look to have been inflicted by hunters with chainsaws.

Photographer Justin Sullivan captured the picture of the , whose trunk and tusks appear to have been sawed off, just weeks after Botswana lifted its hunting ban on all species.

Disturbing Photo Shows Elephant Hacked Apart With Chainsaws by Hunters

Prior to the reversal of the ban, many elephant herds in African hotspots had fled to Botswana.

Elephants Without Borders estimates that elephant poaching in Botswana increased by 593% between 2014 and 2018. Hunters looking for ivory first target older males, who have the largest tusks, before moving on to the matriarchs.

According to National Geographic, this is especially damaging to elephant populations because “the older females are the repositories of the herd’s collective wisdom. The matriarchs are the ones who know where to find water and food.”

And of course, that statistic doesn’t include the elephants killed legally by hunters who gun them down for entertainment. The African Wildlife Foundation puts the number of elephants killed in Africa every year at about 35,000.

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With all the challenges that elephant populations face—including habitat loss, drought, dwindling food supplies, and poaching—hunters can’t argue that these animals need to be killed under the guise of “conservation.”

Please sign the : Urge UPS to stop shipping hunters’ “trophies” for them now.

This article was first published by PETA on 19 July 2019.

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Heidrun Baar


Christo Fabricius

Could you please correct the misleading error in your heading, pointed out by @AHuebschle ?

Marie Speer

So sad save these animals this needs to stop

Alison Moanique

disgusting. humans are the real evil on earth.

Orit Prager Shamir


Janet Kenedy

Rest In Beautiful Freedom to all of Africa’s Wildlife 🙁

Janet Kenedy

The feeling of Helplessness and Heartbreak for these Beautiful Beings is never ending in my mind :(. My thoughts of what should be done to these Evil Sub-humans, cannot be said here, only my wish for them to be Struck from above and Disintegrated to ash!!. Everyone of them, from participant to buyer!!

Dorothy Faye Reynolds

These are not hunters, these are savages….!

Glenda Harper

Sick fmf

Arlene Orlando

Omg i am devastated to see this I imagine, will be arriving very shortly for those individuals who did this

Lori Vega

Slaughter those pos hunters!!!!!!!!!!

Sousi Demirjyan

My blood boil against those savages karma

Kristin L. Arnold

I’m sick.

Lynne Laboy

horrible and for what?

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

Another disgusting example of humans cruel and stupid

Cathy Hull Hoffman

Please don’t post this !!
It’s horrible!!
So much killings of innocent animals!!
I can’t take it !!
Gets me furious!!

Arlene Steinberg
Arlene Steinberg

No, this NEEDS to be posted. Of COURSE it’s horrible.
People need to see what is happening and WAKE UP. We can’t live in a candyass world of unicorns farting rainbows. YOU can’t take it? Then imagine what that animal felt while this was being done to it. If you’re furious, then take that anger and put it to use advocating for this issue.
If you don’t like pictures of violence toward animals, you need to stop the violence, not the pictures.

Ira Vukusic Sikljan


Dianne Dulat

Absolutely disgusting.

Di Sianny Bryant

Is there a petition?