Faroe Islands defend slaughter of whales as sea turns red with blood

Faroe Islands defend slaughter of whales as sea turns red with blood

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The of hundreds of whales is just a ’natural part of life’ on the , the remote nation has said.

It comes after horrific images emerged showing a pod of whales and dolphins being rounded up and butchered by villagers.

Faroe Islands defend slaughter of whales as sea turns red with blood
Villagers slaughter whales in the bay of Torshavn in the Faroe Islands (Picture: Andrija ILIC / AFP/Getty)

The disturbing sight of whales dying in a sea of blood continues to shock animal lovers around the globe, as they call on the islanders to finally end the violence.

A government spokesperson told Metro.co.uk that it may be a ‘dramatic sight’ for outsiders but whale meat and blubber is a ‘valued part of the national diet in the Faroe Islands’.

Every summer, around 800 pilot whales are massacred in bays across the remote islands as inhabitants prepare for the harsh winter months ahead.

Páll Nolsøe, a spokesperson for the ministry of foreign affairs and trade, said 145 pilot whales and seven white-sided dolphins were killed in Torshavn bay yesterday.

Villagers pull the pilot whales to the shore (Picture: Andrija ILIC / AFP/Getty)
The whales were slaughtered in Torshavn (Pictures: Scribble)

He said: ‘ is a natural part of Faroese life. Traditional means of food production from local resources are an important supplement to the livelihoods of Faroe Islanders.

‘These include mountain grazing sheep, coastal fishing and whaling for household use.

‘The meat and blubber of pilot whales has for centuries been – and continue to be – a valued part of the national diet in the Faroe Islands.

‘Catches are shared largely without the exchange of money among the participants in a whale drive and the local community.

‘Each whale provides the communities with several hundred kilos of meat and blubber – meat that otherwise had to be imported from abroad.

‘It has long since been internationally recognised that catches in the Faroe Islands are fully sustainable.

Fishermen use a spinal lance to stab the neck and sever its spinal cord (Picture: Andrija ILIC / AFP/Getty)
Fishermen and volunteers pull the beached pilot whales onto the shore (Picture: Andrija ILIC / AFP/Getty)

‘Scientists estimate that the pilot whale population inthe eastern North Atlantic is above 700,000 whales, with approximately 100,000 around the Faroe Islands.’

Mr Nolsøe said whale drives are only initiated when whales are sighted close to land.

Boats enclose behind the whales and begin to herd them to the ‘most suitable bay’ to be beached and killed, Mr Nolsøe said.

When the animals are close enough, a hook is inserted into the blowhole to haul them further up onto the shore.

A fisherman will then use a spinal lance – a ‘mandatory’ tool used in Faroese whale hunts – to stab the neck and sever its spinal cord, cutting off the blood supply to the whale’s brain.

Mr Nolsøe said: ’This method ensures that the whales lose consciousness and die within a few seconds.

More than 100 pilot whales were killed in the hunt yesterday off the village of Torshavn (Picture: Andrija ILIC / AFP/Getty)
Boats are used to herd the pilot whales to shore (Picture: Andrija ILIC / AFP/Getty)

‘Normally, the entire pod of whales is killed in less than fifteen minutes.’

He added: ‘All meat, including whale meat, involves the slaughter of animals. There is no doubt that the Faroese whale hunts are a dramatic sight to people unfamiliar to the hunts and slaughter of mammals.

‘The hunts are, nevertheless, well organised and fully regulated. Faroese animal welfare legislation, which also applies to whaling, stipulates that animals shall be killed as quickly and with as little suffering as possible.’

More than 260,000 people have signed Blue Planet Society’sonline petition calling for a banon dolphins and whales in Japan and the Faroe Islands.

The campaigners say that most hunts are ‘unregulated, illegal and unsustainable’ and kill off ‘100,000 dolphins and small whales’ every year.

Dr Pál Weihe, 68, is head of the Faroe Islands’ Department of Occupational Medicine and Public Health, and has been investigating the unique diet.

It’s feared villagers are consuming high levels of mercury and PCBs from contaminated whale meat.

Dr Weihe found that babies born with high levels of mercury in their blood was connected to the amount of pilot whale their mothers had eaten.

This article was first published by Metro.co.uk on 30 May 2019.

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Unless humans collectively call for an end to the rape of the earth, we will reap what we have sown, it has already begun.

Lois Carol Wessels

How can one defend the indefensible!

Mark McCandlish
Mark McCandlish

Where the line between “eco-terrorism” and “tradition” is so badly blurred, one can only call the participants “savages”. What I wouldn’t give to see an ex-spec-ops sharp shooter with a high caliber piece and a nice long range scope drop these turds where they stand in the water.

Christopher Looker
Christopher Looker

So killing humans is the answer to killing whales and dolphins?! You’re just as bad as the whale murderers!

Arlene Steinberg
Arlene Steinberg

The fact is, the only thing that is going to save ALL the wildlife on this planet is decimation of the human species one way or another. Otherwise, we are a violent, murderous species that doesn’t care what it kills and we just keep popping out far too many humans and pushing out everything else that has a right to live here – and does far less harm than we do.

Максим Сёмин


Joanna Wiseberg

Sick beyond words can describe.

Sasa Kokowic

Ovoga je tuga do neba. Monstrumi

Keith Brown


Nanette Uhlenhop

no worths

Edie Shaw

A horror perpetrated by SUBhumans!!!

Janet Kenedy



SHAME on the Faroe Islands !!!

Vlady S Zeiger


Lola Wilson

Evil to the core

Mercedes Fernandez

What sadness to see human beings slaughtering Wales with such cruelty, no remorse and all for money, what kind of world is this!!!

Jorge Rivera


Sara Leonard

I can’t imagine eating whale is very healthy anymore. Our oceans are so polluted and full of chemicals.


they’re also full of murcery which is responsible for deformaties in unborn kids etc

Carol Coupe

Vile people!

Angel Olsen

these people are murderers plain and simple they are sick in the head and have to take their frustrations out on innocent animals and use excuses to do so, karma will catch you all soon.


This is outrageous and utterly disgusting. It should be stopped immediately.

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

You can hide, Try to deny
But you know this is wrong
Deep down inside

Graziella Dezanet

It’s time you turn your mind into positive actions, leave all animals alone

Lotta Lindsjö

Remote isolated ppl intoxed with Hg and PCB. What can we expect from ppl like that. Dont buy their farmed #Salmon

Wade Gonsoulin

Still leaning on the “tradition” excuse. That’s the best they can come up with. The level of human igorance doesn’t shock me anymore. But it is tiring.

Sue Curtis


Tonia Vassila


Kalyan Bhattacharyya

These bastards are so illiterate and substandard need to be flogged to death…fuck your customs bastards

Pierre Malan
Pierre Malan

With respect, I assume that you are a vegan, and have been from birth.

Cathy Hull Hoffman

Stop this !!
It’s horrible!!
Leave them alone !!