Fashion influencer who fell in love with a hunter reveals she’s been branded ‘disgusting’ for swapping style selfies for snaps of her posing with trophies they’ve shot as a couple

Fashion influencer branded ‘disgusting’ for her hobby of trophy hunting

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A fashion influencer now shares her kills on social media – but her followers aren’t sure about her new hobby. Kristyn Higdon, 28, from Lexington, , has interwoven trophy into her online content. She says the pictures of her hunts were met with mixed reaction.

Focusing on Wildlife strongly opposes trophy hunting and regards it as wildlife crime. This article was first published by The Mail Online on 30 December 2020. Lead Image: Kristyn Higdon with a she shot. 

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Killing animals is a hobby? Disgusting is the right brand


Outrageous! This woman should be removed from whatever media she is on to promote “fashion” or whatever mindless thing she does, which is probably totally in keeping with her mindless actions in killing animals. She’s the one whose head should be mounted on a wall! Now these’s a “fashion statement”. Influence that you uncaring bitch.

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

If you want to hunt build a time machine and go back to the Stone Age heartless sicko loser

Lois Carol Wessels
Lois Carol Wessels



If you’re going to hunt, do it within laws and do it respectfully without glorifying it. I have no issues with legal hunting but if you’re going to make it look like killing is cool, I have issues with it.